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Do you recommend this Allegacy FCU Westbrook Plaza Financial Center Headquarters? Allgacy Federal Credit Union, Winston-Salem, NC. View reviews, compare customer reviews, view screenshots, and learn more about Allegacy Federal Credit Union. Allegacy's latest tweets (@Allegacy). Allegacy is owned by members and non-profit.

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We at Allegacy Federal Credit Union believe that the response is in the offing. Rooted humbly in Winston-Salem and as one of the most efficient credit cooperatives in North Carolina, we know what a little bit of work can do. when it was reynolds credit union.

Exceptional services at CU. Outstanding telephone services. Great application for my mobile device. I' m recommending Allegacy FCU. We' re making our church healthy, won't you join us? Becoming an Allegacy member means more than just personalized advantages. By investing with us, we are investing in art, educational, health and non-profit organisations across the triad.

We enjoy helping our fellowship succeed. Allgacy is a proud co-sponsor of Komen Race for the Cure, which participates through company sponsoring and also participates with our staff, acquaintances and relatives in the Cure. Now you are about to leave the Allegacy Federal Credit Union website. Credit Union does not maintain this alternative website to which you link and is not liable for the contents of the website or any transaction on this website.

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Employer Reviews for Allegacy Federal Credit Union

Allegacy's corporate identity, ethics and individuals make it a great place to work. It offers a wide range of different project opportunities and will encourage you to build your skills through a range of learning outcomes. We are a well-adjusted and enjoy working together. This group is making considerable efforts to create a work-life equilibrium for the group.

In order to compensate for these inconveniences, you can make room for your effort in the evenings. Our staff is getting bigger every single workingday. Top channel (3rd floor) feels what the bottom managment says to them without defying them. Senior managers do not interfere with staff on the first and second levels. During all the years I worked there, I never saw anyone from the executive staff who had anything to do with anyone in my department.

You' re staying on the third with very little contact with the people who work at the firm. Catherine Pace and I saw her 4 occasions - 2 of them alone in the lift and both of them she introduced herself by saying: "I don't think we ever got together.

" On both occasions I replied that we had seen each other and then told her my name again. Get off the third level and engage. You will see our Membership Development Department, the Communities Involvement Committee, the Wellness Committee and many others of our staff volunteering to help them with many of our outreaches.

Well-being is also a major focal point for the organisation. There are many ways Allegacy can help us make sure we take good charge of ourselves. There are yearly biometrical screening, spa coachings, lunches and learning, rebates at the health club, local exercise courses and a local health club, to name but a few. We are encouraged by our managers to remain proactive. Keep looking for ways to give our staff the agility they need for a sound work-life equilibrium.

Stable, good work-life equilibrium.

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