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The NYC Secret Location, New York, New York. Explore what's happening in New York by browsing a list of all the major sporting events, plays and concerts in New York. Locate events and tickets for upcoming New York events and a list of things you can do in New York, such as parties, concerts, meetings, shows, sports, club, reunion and performance. View all events in New York. This is the best venue in the world.

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One of the liveliest towns in the whole wide globe. Here you will find all kinds of events. You can never be dull from the theater to the road festival. There is no such things as culture, arts, dance, theater, movie festival, parade and supermarket.

New York City's night life needs no imagination. I never sleep in New York. Everywhere there are pubs and nightclubs. Large commercial centres are situated throughout the town and offer all domestic and foreign makes.

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Discover different NYC districts through a paper chase in the museum and then make a local sweetheart of your own area! Sign up for six meetings that concentrate on exploring and discovering the town through singing, playing and hands-on experience! Discover Elegance in the Sky: The Architecture of Rosario Candela to find out more about Rosario Candela's important part in the design of New York's twentiethcentury architectural heritage.

The New York Downtown is an icon! To inspire yourself before creating your own skin, please check out Elegance in the Sky: The Architecture of Rosario Candela. The New York district is known for its lively wall-paintings. 50 years of New York Art, then shape our collection of wall paintings!

There' s so much to do and see in the town, even living arts that penetrate every nook and cranny. 50 years of public arts in New York to explore the creative world around us.

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May 17 - Mai-2016Happy Hour - Tue May 16th - à'As Is' 30-Apr-2016Spring Dinner Dance - vers le Century Anniversary ! December 02-Dec-2015Happy Hour at Bierocracy in LIC! November-25-2015Thu-Sun, November-25-29 - Thanksgiving weekend: 02-May-2015 Spring Dinner Dance - for its centenary! 08-Apr-2015 Wed, April 8 -Business Meeting and Social: 18-Mar-2015 Wed, March 18 -Business Meeting and Social: 07-Mar-2015Not Spring!

11-Feb-2015 Wed, February 11 - Business Meeting and Social: 31-Jan-2015Groundhog Weekend! Wednesday, 3 December - Business and social: 27-Nov-2014Thur-Su, 27-30 November - Thanksgiving weekend: November 19th-2014Wed, November 19th -Business Meeting and Social: 29-Oct-2014With us to the Happy Hour from 6-9:00 am on October 29 at "Uncorked Wine & Tapas". Feb 25-Feb-2014Happy Hour - Tue Feb 24h - Meet and Greet: 28-Jan-2014Presentation & Happy Hour - Tue Jan 27th - Meet and Learn!

08-Jan-2014 Business Meeting:

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