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Cotton Frogmore Plantation & Gins. Alexandria Pineville region of Louisiana offers attractions, activities and fun for the whole family. Explore Alexandria, Louisiana with the help of your friends. Pierre's father was an officer at Fort St. Map to recommend offbeat attractions, and road trip sights - museums, monuments, tourist traps, folk art, animal cemeteries.

Alexandria has many ways to entertain you on your next visit, whether for business or pleasure.

Activities in Alexandria Louisiana and Pineville Louisiana

A Holocaust Memorial was erected in Alexandria so that people could honour and recall the six million Jews - one and a half million of whom were from the Holocaust. She also honours the non-Jewish Holocaust as well as those who have suffered racial persecution, holocaust genocides or other types of human barbarity in all places and at all time.

It commemorates the exceptional commitment of the resistance and saviours in these particularly hard years. Alexandria Museum of Arts is the heart of Alexandria's riverbank, located on the whole 900 meter Second Street area. With its constantly shifting exhibitions of loans from all over the globe, its comprehensive and ongoing Louisiana and North Louisiana Folk artists works, as well as its vast North Louisiana Folk artists library, the museum attracts a wide variety of taste groups.

Alexandria, Pineville and some neighbouring cities have a wide range of attractions and activities to offer.

Alexandria, Pineville and some neighbouring cities have a wide range of attractions and activities to offer. Situated at 77 Long Leaf Road in Long Leaf, Louisiana. There is a historical saw mill and a corporate centre with pick nick areas and a natural learning path. There are audio-visual displays, exhibitions, memorabilia and snack bars in the commissariat.

The Louisiana Department of Culture, Recreation and Tourism provides a full tourist centre and resting area for those coming closer to Alexandria on the I-49 from the south. Equipped with expert guide, this is a very recommendable stopover for in-depth information on attractions and activities in Central Louisiana. Edwin Epps House is a one-storey Creole timber-frame house currently on the Louisiana State University Alexandria site.

Although the Epps House has been relocated from its initial site and has forfeited a significant part of its initial construction material, the historical importance of the actual material remains the same, in conjunction with the renowned Twelve Years a Slave" slavery story. is on 8100 Highway 71 South.

Kisatchie Nacional Forests offer many possibilities and places to experience the wonderful nature of Central Louisiana. There are Kincaid Recreation Area, Valentine Lake Recreation Area and the Wild Azalea Trail. Headquarters are on the 2500 Shreveport Highway in Pineville. The home of the Louisiana Lunker Bassprogram, it is producing Wels, Streifenbass and paddle fish as well as Florida-GroƟmaulbass.

Breeding is on 10 Joan Stokes Road in Forest Hill, Louisiana. On Hwy 1, just South of Alexandria, lies Marksville, home of the hugely popular Paragon Casino Resort, run by the Tunica-Biloxi family. Tunica and Biloxi Indians have been living in their reserve near Marksville for over two hundred years, where the indigenous people, although they speak very different tongues, are married to each other.

This tunic had an impact on a vast area and included today's Arkansas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Tennessee, Louisiana, Alabama and even Florida. The Paragon Casinos Resort comprises a world-class online gambling facility with the most famous slot machines and board game, a large online tournament room and an off-track wagering room. One of Marksville's long-term attractions are the Indian Mounds at the Marksville State Historic Site, situated on a hill with a view of the Old River next to the city of Marksville.

Professionals consider this pre-historic Indian ceremony centre to be of unparalleled natural importance. Most of the Marksville site is enclosed by a semi-circular earthworks 3,300 ft long and between 3 and 7 ft high. Marksville State Historic Site was declared a U.S. Historic Landmark in 1964 by the U.S. Department of the Interior.

This site contains prehistorical hills and villages from 1400 A.D. as well as a artefacts and artefacts collection of India's cultural heritage. This 40,000 sq. metre complex will include a heritage store, souvenir store, archive, conservation/restauration lab, lecture hall, classroom, correspondence centre and conference rooms. There are many other touristic attractions in the vicinity, such as the Hypolite Bordelon Haus, a Creole country home that hosts a local history centre and tourism area.

Constructed between 1800 and 1820, the building is an interpretation of the life of the early colonists of the municipality of Avoyelles. Attractions are the Grand Cote National Wildlife Refuge, the Lake Ophelia National Wildlife Refuge and the Sarto Old Iron Bridge.

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