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View reviews, compare customer reviews, view screenshots and learn more about AlaskaUSA Federal Credit Union. Anchorage, Alaska. Mortgage Company LLC, is wholly owned by Alaska USA Federal Credit Union. The Alaska USA Federal Credit Union is a state-chartered financial services cooperative with offices throughout Alaska. United States Federal Credit Union, Banks & Credit Cooperatives, Credit Cooperatives.

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Swiss federal insurance through the NCUA. I' ve just moved to Alaska USA. As soon as you login with your user ID, the keypad that opens will be tangled. Not all numbers and characters are displayed, so you need to click on the iPhone keypad. If you open the application, the login window should have user ID and password on the same page and the iPhone keypad should appearutomatically.

As soon as I signed in, I wanted to hand in a cheque, but it took a doze of tries because a display would reappear when he didn't take a photo. However, the latest version of "Touch ID" registration is a great supplement. Thanks for allowing me to sign in with just one finger print instead of going through the accounts and passwords displays.

A year ago, this application did not run on iOS 11 or 10, had no adaptable iPhone or iPad screen, had no supported iOS 11 or 10 and had no supported face ID or iOS 11. Works with iPhone, iPad and iPod dock.

United States Federal Credit Union

SubsidiariesAlaska USA Insurance Brokers, Alaska USA Mortgage Company, Alaska USA Trust Company, Procura Mortgage Company, The credit cooperative is the premier supplier of retail insurance products and advisory group in Alaska, with increasing memberships in all 50 states. The Alaska USA offers deposits, credit card, 24/7 assistance, and on-line and portable bankrolling.

Alaska USA offers business banking and life and health insurances, home loan solutions, as well as finance budgeting and capital expenditure advisory and management solutions in a steadily expanding number of offices. Credit Union also holds and manages Alaska USA Insurances Brokers in Alaska and Washington, and Alaska USA Mortgage Company in Alaska, California and Washington. Established in 1948 by 15 pilots, Alaska USA was initially charters as Alaska Air Depot Federal Credit Union to serve as a provider of finance in Alaska.

Until 1974 the number of members of the credit cooperative had grown to over 20,000 employees of the Trans-Alaska pipeline servicing com-panies. Alaska USA during this time obtained Congress approval to support 10 of the Alaska Regional Native Corporations under the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act. In 1975, Alaska USA adopted its present name to take account of this expanding area of affiliation.

In 1983, the cooperative joined the Pacific Northwest Markets by joining forces with the Whidbey Federal Credit Union in Oak Harbor. The Alaska USA won a nationwide Washington joint venture following the 2010 fusion of two other Seattle-based credit cooperatives. In 2009, Alaska USA expands to San Bernardino County, California through the acquisition of the High Desert Federal Credit Union of Apple Valley, California, and the Members Own Federal Credit Union of Victorville, California.

In 2010, this expansion continues with the takeover of Arrowhead Credit Union and its offices in Barstow, Victorville, Big Bear, and Hesperia, California.

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