Airports in Dutchess County Ny

Dutchess County Ny Airports

A list of all public and private airports, helidecks and seaports in Dutchess County, New York. Locate airports near Dutchess County, NY. We' re flying to Dutchess County Airport: Wappingers Falls Regional Airport, New York. Near the Dutchess County Airport (POU).

Aéroport Public Access

The private international airports serve the cities of Union Vale and Poughkeepsie, New York. Sky- acres also acts as an auxiliary airfield for Westchester County International Airports. When you are looking for airports near Poughkeepsie, N.Y., Sky Acres is an great city. Local facilities are a 24/7 self-service gas filling point, airplane servicing and repair, hanger rental and sale, and a café serving breakfasts and lunches.

The home of SkyGeek, the world's premier aerospace super-store. The next 8 years of a lot of work followed, with innumerable victims of his family. According to legends, Herb Styles was the first pilot to fly a flight to the air. Overhauled in 1995, the airstrip was upgraded to FAA standard as part of the Airfield Improvement Program (AIP).

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There are many airports near the town that you want to go to, so you can often find a better value for money alternative to your own. When you book an intercontinental trip, you probably want the nearest large airfield, otherwise you may be looking for a nearby one.

You can use this utility together with the flying distances pages to schedule your trip.

Dutchess County Airport with a cost of $8 million.

PUGHKEPSIE, N.Y. >> The planned Dutchess Community college air traffic control centre at Dutchess County International Aerodrome would cost $8 million for a new-build. County Executive Marcus Molinaro's suggestion and staff were first mentioned last weeks in Molinaro's budgetary speech. Twenty-two,000 sq. ft. 32,000 sq. ft. edifice would have 8,000 sq. ft. class room, 12,000 sq. ft. hangingar room and 12,000 sq. ft. rented room, Deputy County Chief William O'Neill said the syllabus brings more economical opportunities and more.

Both the county and academy would request half of the financing from the State Dormitory Authority, use $2.5 million on the $1.8 million payroll and tie. Together with the new collegiate classes, Molinaro will be changing the name of Dutchess County International to Hudson Valley Region in order to further expand its local business basis.

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