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Are you looking for a great venue? I decided to start a blog that contains a lot of budget advice for NYC so I can help. The Sunset Terrace is ideal for a variety of event formats, including weddings, adult parties, bar/bat mitzvahs, corporate events, meetings and proms. This is what spectacular gardens and parks are made for weddings in spring and summer. Are you looking for places to elope in NYC?

NYC 10 low priced wedding venues

Nobody associated New York City with something "cheap". "However if you are planning a wedding on a Budget in the New York City area and are looking for NYC wedding venues, here are 10 choices that won't breach the bench. Any of these venues can be hired for less than $10,000.

Perfect for weddings from 100-150 years, wedding ceremonies have been held here for generation. It' affordable comes in the way of all the extra tossed in for free - like a wedding co-ordinator, no entrance charge and free parking. What's more, it's a great value for money. A Wedding Spot reported that you can anticipate paying around $10,000 for a 100-person wedding.

With a view of the beautiful course, up to 1500 people can be welcomed here. You serve all ethnical groups and are specialized in cosher marriages. We estimate the wedding rate and the welcome of 100 people at $10,000. There is a patio overlooking Central Park for 100 people and can be hired in conjunction with the two mansions.

Just one footstep away from the hubbub, a banquet hall is an affordable choice for marriages of varying size. Several rooms for 80 to 230 persons are available, including cloakroom, changing rooms and a large dance area. For a wedding of 100 wedding diners, you could anticipate about $7-$14k.

Recensions say that this location is not priced like some other NYC venues. Prices for rentals for private functions vary by date, hour, number of people, etc., but begin at $1,950 for non-wedding functions with 50 people or less, on a Sunday and end at 5pm (to give you a performance).

There is space for up to 100 people. The other venues on the list in this book are expecting you to be paying around $10k for a wedding with an averaging of 100 people. Surprisingly, this place is a lighthouse of sophistication. This event location offers unique terrazzos and a wonderful concept of stairs for visitors up to 60 years old, from the inner yard to the renovated entrance area on the first level.

On the third level there is a dining and dance area for up to 250 people. The First Unitarian Universalist Congregational Society is called "the place for the non-traditional couple" and has wonderful amenities at an astonishingly affordable rate. Send an e-mail to the ceremony coordinator to make an appointement for more information:

By the way: If you get a wedding in a local wedding location or in a local wedding place, you will be saving up. With a wedding planner like A Central Park Wedding, parcels start at $3,250. Are you looking for more than just wedding locations in New York?

Here you will find our most beloved wedding guidebooks.

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