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"EQLIGHTING is a manufacturer and supplier of residential, commercial and industrial luminaires. AMFORDABLE QUALITY LIGHTING Complaint Review: You are running a fraud Newhall California AFFORDABLE QUALITY LIGHTING. Explore our collection of Affordable Quality Lighting products to get ideas for your home, garden or outdoor project. "EQLIGHTING is a manufacturer and supplier of residential, commercial and industrial luminaires.

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On 24 November 2017 I ordered 4 articles from AQLighting Group and just one article 22 day later. The second, third and forth articles were never sent, so I asked for it because my on-line bankroll said it was sent out on November 27, 2017. They were both holidays for my home - both did not arrive before Christmas and defeated the point of ordering.

JUST* today (December 28, 2017) I received from AQL that my other articles were never available and I will get my refund in 30 workdays. It was my belief that my products would be shipped in a reasonable amount of material and I could have ordered them elsewhere to complement my vacation decoration. I bought five undercabinet luminaires for my own bathroom less than two years ago.

I' ve seen that other manufacturers have much longer guarantees, because LED should have a long lifetime. I' m being asked not to be worried that if something goes bad, it will be in the first year! After a few month one of the lamps began to flicker.

They made me give the lamp back for repairs or replacements and I'm fairly sure they just fixed it. Now that the guarantee has lapsed, another lamp has ceased to function. So I asked them if they would take good charge of this in the interest of good after sales support. So two out of five of my lamps were out.

They were very useful when we phoned AQL, proposed cable lighting LEDs, explaining how to get it installed gradually as we have NO capabilities in this area and are LAMBY with the results. Gathering highlights to work off my Iphone and work with GPS is exactly what I wanted and putting the highlights together was simple.

I' ve even added lamps in the entrance on representative's suggestion. Best I did was sending them images of my scenery and they set up the best solution. I' ve had a very good working with the Affordable Quality Lighting website. I was able to easily track the rough coppers I wanted to get, and for the few things I had, their chats worked well.

Those little cupric highlights are perfectly in my little floral bed and now have a beautiful pigment. I am satisfied with my buy and would readily suggest them to my neighbours if they are in the landscaping lighting sector. Where can I find out that I can rely on these affordable quality lighting ratings?

The presenters of our site are reading all ratings to check quality and willingness to help. We recently relocated to a new home and renovated the back yard when we wanted to include landscaping lighting in the design. So I phoned and spoke to a representative about the substructure halogen puck lamps. When I was given the assignment, it wasn't what I was talking to the representative about.

They' re lucky to be selling to a client, but if something's incorrect, they wouldn't do it right. AQ Lighting's account manager Chris made such an impression on me that I didn't really compare prices before ordering. Next day I got a reply from Tom, who reassured me that the order would be canceled and a reimbursement made out.

It took me a while to get my cheque, but in fact I got a 100% reimbursement as I had been told. When we ordered one under-cabinet lamp and were satisfied with it, we ordered five more to equip the galley with some spare parts for the new one. but my missus and I were so thrilled by the quality of these candles.

The quality of these fittings is of the highest standard, which you will not find in the large pit shops. Assembly bolts are installed and are the ideal sized. Especially lucky to find them because I had pre-wired our 120V rack for simultaneous use ( "no series") with a remote control when I found that it was hard to find luminaires that matched my needs.

Those highlights were just great. It was the colour of colour of light that was the ideal colour for us. Thicker than other luminaires, so they don't stick out too deep so you can't see them. The majority of the solution was to find all the necessary parts, find a place for the transformer, have no LED covers and have fun colours, but these luminaires had everything incorporated into a fixed part.

The articles arrived on time and I had no problems with any stage of the procedure. Sub-cabinet luminaires ordered for the AQUC 32 " and 24" panel ranges - delivery time 1 sept. Nice instructions on how to connect the highlights. It was said well, no problems working like this.

I don't get a 30% rebate when the refrigerator is poor - that was the analogue I was given. It is not customer-oriented at all. When only 5% of the articles are broken, make the 5% glad to say that you have resolved their issue and not just been wasting their inconvenience. We ordered lighting in May 2015.

I disappointedly turned to AQ Lighting and was asked to submit a request via the application sheet on-line. Bad client services right from the beginning. A few workdays later I was informed that the articles were being sent by sea and I had to return them to the dropping ships and charge a 35% storage charge!

To find out the highlights weren't what they said they'd be. I' ve ordered these lamps for my vanity units. He had a map of my cuisine. I' d sign all their disclaimers, order and pay for the candles. When I ordered it, I searched further on line and found another kit of striplighting.

" Amazon light came in two and a half day. The AQL luminaires have at last reached us. There seemed to be some elements that my AQL assignment was not there. He saw my chart - I showed him both fairy lanterns. Unknown 00 highlights - do not realize that the connections that came with the AQL light and only its own.

Why do their light costs so much more? Alphabetized me they couldn't guarantee for the other commodity, but felt their consumer aid would kind the position statesman couturier. Altogether AQL probably has a good quality but we didn't have the opportunity to find out, because my craftsman put in the much less expensive LED's in June.

I got my exterior lighting like I was given. So I ordered the candlelights and I fell in love with them. During the entire ordering procedure, everything went perfectly and without a hitch. I now have a place for the bright whites and will order them next. This is the right place for anyone who needs a nice light.

As I phoned to order my under-cabinet luminaires, I stated that they are horizontal cupboards for Ikea and need help in laying the cables. I' m informed that this will be shipped with the order. and when I got the light, it was different colored.

$485. Do it yourself. When I pointed out that the coverings were not enclosed on the outside fittings I was receiving, the representative on the telephone pointed upright. As I asked for the return, I was informed of the order: I' ve purchased some wonderful barnyard lanterns with blue umbrellas for my car park.

So I phoned support and asked them how long I wanted the color to remain sheen. You' ve been telling me for years. I' m supposed to fill out an application for a visa on-line. And now I'm telling myself I have to return those candles and replace them with a smaller one, or have them repainted mine.

I wouldn't have paid $350 for lighting if I'd known that. You are advised to go to Home Depot or Menard's or Lowe's and order them. They' re less expensive and you'll probably get a better level of customer care. I' ve bought a pair of sconces. I' ve also bought well lamps from them.

Trying to figure out why my lamps hadn't been arriving a week after ordering, I phoned my support, who told me (less than graciously) that my well/pond lamps (an available item) wouldn't be shipped for another week, that I would have to be waiting at least two wards for an available one.

We at Affordable Quality Lighting would like to introduce our site to you. We' ve been informed that Mr ** has done this on line at several of them. We' ve sent him the order information, and we' ve given him the price and articles. We have never found anywhere on any of Mr. **'s papers that the articles are UL-listed.

Many of our products are UL-listed and non-UL-listed because many products do not need UL and some work does not do. We do, however, have both, so that the client has the choice. In order to showcase our 35 years of outstanding client support, however, we have volunteered to accept the losses and make a reimbursement.

Well, instead, he makes fake allegations in the hope that AMEX would have made a restitution, and he would keep the objects he' s got in there, not to speak of the extra bonuses he' trying to blackmail "work" and keep the objects for free! You were thrown a turn when we were offering a rebate but wanted the articles back.

Continuing to work with UL, we are proud to publish your UL-listed product logos on our website (with your permission), where we are clearly looking for the UL-label. The page of the website that confirms the UL listing of the base is available. He' re installing 16 devices.

He' s got all 16! It is strange to me that such a skilled electrical engineer, in his licenced condition, installs luminaires that do not correspond to the codes. Well, his new testimony is that they were not set up, but he sent us photos of all of them installe. Their cardholders approached the President of Affordable Quality Lighting and after your cardholders had reinstalled all their equipment, they wanted to give it back.

Much in good belief, the president of AQL approved the returns and said he would get a refund once the devices were given back and examined. The A. Q. L. website said (and I have a printout of it) that the luminaires I bought are UL listed and suitable for use outdoors.

I' ve got the light and had some of it put in. Warren Michigan City Electrical Superintendent came by and said they had to come down because they are insecure and not UL-listed. He said they were on the list and he couldn't believe that the UL-listed labels weren't on them.

There were no UL labels and the note, he said, would also show that they have UL listing on it. They said this lamp is not UL approved. Forty-three, because I had it installed by an electrical engineer just to remove it and then put in genuine beacons.

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