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An Affordable Wedding Venue - Outdoor Wedding. Rural barn wedding venue offer unique backdrops for your special day. Catskill's area - Mt. Tremper, NY. The many venues in Ulster County make your wedding day special.

Holiday packages for families, barn wedding, fun all year round!

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From the nineteenth to the present day, A Privately owned manor house welcomes a couple in the Albany area of New York. A well-kept half a nautical aile across, this historical icon looks over the Hudson River and the tops of Catskill Mountain. There is a contemporary shed on the hills behind the manor house. Equipment and capacities With a max. seating for 300 people, pairs can hold their ceremony and reception on the privacy of the manor.

This well-kept lawns provides room for ceremonies overlooking the Hudson River and the Catskill Mountains. The location provides accommodation, seats, car parks and venues for wedding receptions for pairs. Adirondack stools and a fireplace contribute to the cosiness of A Privately owned estate, while interior baths and electric power provide visitors with easy acces to contemporary comforts.

Accommodation Two facilities on the site provide accommodation for pairs and their family. You can use the double berth, a couch and a sleeping couch to accommodate more people. The hut, constructed in 2017, can accommodate up to six people. Liberty Farms Liberty Barns is a franchise for families who celebrate their wedding in the Albany, New York area.

It is a rural place that also works as an ecological farming estate, completely with grazing area. It is a five minutes car ride from Columbia County Airport and 50 minutes car ride from the major Albany International Airport. Equipment and capacity This 300 hectare estate can accommodate up to 150 people for a couple's wedding.

Refurbishment of the room, which includes central and central air condition, toilets and caterings, has turned it into an attractive yet open area. Facilities The event location works with pairs to organize a wedding reception and organizes only one wedding per week-end throughout the year. Pairs will also find the following services:

Accommodation Bridgeal Suites Chairs Cleanup Lighting/Sound Outside Vendor's Parking Petriendly Tables Accommodation Liberty Farms provides two accommodation choices. First is Silo View Farmhouse, a four bed room home for 10 people. A second possibility for our guest is the recreation. The Liberty Farms bar is also available for wedding shower, engagements, rehearsals and excursions.

Shamrock House, a banqueting room in the Albany area of New York, is home to marriages with a rural atmosphere. In the interior and exterior area this event location is encircled by wood and the outdoors. The location is five driving mins from the Zoom Flume Water Park and is about 55 mins outside of Albany. The Shamrock House is suitable for couples and up to 200 people.

The outside areas of the event location are green, from a landscaped party overlooking the countryside to a pool barbeque. With a love of detail, from the first encounter to the last dancing, this motel is proud to assist couple in their wedding plans.

We offer the following services: Accommodation Wedding Suites Chairs Tidying Up Events Furniture Lighting Tents Parking Construction Accommodation With a wide range of guesthouses and camping sites on the site, visitors and guests can spend the night comfortably at the location. The Birch Hill Catering, a classical location in Hudson, New York, receives couple from the whole area of Albany, New York in search of a romantical rural wedding.

The Birch Hill Catering provides two very special locations: The Birch Hill Estate and Stablegate Farm. The Birch Hill Estate is suitable for couple looking for a classic wedding reception, while Stablegate Farm will satisfy those looking for a more rural environment. Birch Hill Catering with its two facilities and capacity provides a wide range of venues with a customer base of 1500 guests.

The Birch Hill Estates consist of two ball rooms, gazebos and outside marriages. Pairs can get remarried in the Grand, Pond or Sunset Pavilion amidst pines and open outdoors. A more open outside wedding can be enjoyed by the couple at the pergola by the pond, amidst verdant grass and the local wildlife.

The Stablegate Farm and Wine yard features a chalet, shed, vineyards or open-air wedding. Provided Wedding Service This location provides the following wedding service and products: Cake Centerpieces Chairs Cleanup Decor Drapery Events Wedding Suit Cake Centerpieces Chairs Cleanup Drapery Design Events Rental Third Party Legal Expenses Light/Sound Lounge furnishings Photo Cabin Construction Signage Tables Tent Supplies Tents Jewellery Vases Kitchen Birch Hill Restaurants offering great bars and food and beverage service for couple on their big days.

Featuring a wide range of different genres, the location provides features such as: Slicing Buffet Chocolate Fountains Cocktail Dessert Welcome Dessert Family Dessert Familienstil Frensh Hors d'oeuvres Outside Plated Servers Stations Tastings Able to satisfy most dietetic needs include free scalding, kozher, lactose free, no pig meat, free walnut, bio, vegan und vegetable needs, food provided by the event location ranging in the kitchen as well.

The African A. S. Cajun Carribean Caraïbes Chinois Chinois Éthiopien Français Allemand Indien Italien Japonais Japonais Coréen Latino-Américain Japonais Méditerranéen Mexicain Moyen-Orient Oriental Russe Sud-Ouest Espagnol Thai Vietnamien Emplacement Birch Hill Catering bietet Ihnen zwei verschiedene Standorte zur Auswahl. The Birch Hill Estates is about 10 min eastwards of Schodack Landing and the Hudson River.

Emerson Resort & Spa is a wedding suite for couple in the Albany, New York area. Situated in the Catskill Mountains, this is a rural place. Located on the edge of Esopus Créek near Slide mountain, this event location is about an hours and a half's car ride from Albany. Celebrate with 150 people as you chat under the Waterside Pavilion while you enjoy the view of the mountains and the stream in the foreground.

Provided wedding service The venue's seasoned wedding staff will help the couples at every stage of the wedding procedure. You provide the following services: Accommodation Wedding Suites Chairs Tidying Up Events Scheduling Inhouse-Bar In-house Gastronomy Third Party Parking Pet Friendliness Furnishing Tables Wireless Web Cuisine The resorts restaurants, Woodnotes Grille, offers the couple's events.

Chef use local produce to make a cocktail as part of their complete in-house cocktail-barservice. Dessert Hors d'oeuvres Plated Servers Stations Tastings Accommodation Couples and guest will find accommodation in the modern guesthouse and country-style The Emerson Resort & Spasodge. The other services members of the wedding celebration, aside from the pair, can arrange a wedding spas cure pretreatment.

Therapies such as massage, manicure and facial treatment incorporate the event venue's surrounding nature. Carey Institute for Global Good is a farm in the Albany area of New York with views of the Catskill Mountains. It is a historical place ideal for a couple looking for a wedding excursion on a week-end, with a local beer house and a local pub.

Situated on the shores of Myosotis Lake, 45 minutes by car from the centre of Albania. Equipment and capacity Up to 250 people can gather at the Carey Institute for Global Good on their specific outing. This honeymoon is an invitation for couple and guest to spend the weekends.

Featuring a relaxed Friday supper and a host of open-air entertainment to entertain your Saturday party attendees, a wedding at Carey Institute for Global Good will be like a holiday mini-vacation. We also offer the following services: Accommodation All-inclusive packs Wedding suites Household appliances Household furnishings In-house-Bar Household lighting / Parking Setup Shuttle tables Wireless Internetservices With complete in-house barservice and the kitchen of the Carriage Household Restaurantchefs, pairs have met their hospitality needs.

Cooks are able to adapt the menu to the couple's tastes and nutritional needs. Cocktail buffet Dessert Family Style Hors d'oeuvres Plated Servers Stations Tastings Accommodation The historical homes on the property can seat up to 150 people. Jack's Oyster House is a wedding service in the Albany, New York area for those looking for a historical banqueting room.

The house is over 100 years old and has a speciality kitchen and a historic ambience. Located right in the centre of Albany, this location is only ten minutes by car from Washington Park. Equipment and capacity This location can accommodate a max. of 150 wedding receptions in its two function rooms. Provided Performances The location's staff has several years of wedding management expertise, from small get-togethers to large partys.

Jack's Oxster Houses provides the following facilities for the couple's event: At Cake Chairs Cleanup Events Scheduling Inhouse-Bar Inhouse-Catering Third Party Third Party Liability Outside Vendor's Parking Setup Tables Wireless Internet Cuisine While the full-service cocktail bars serve specialties such as starfish, the caterers work just as tirelessly to delight the VIP.

Schepici, the restaurant's head cook, will create a menu for pairs according to their taste and his own original culinary creation. Altough shellfish is an choice, couple have other options for their wedding supper as well. The meals can be prepared in the following dining styles: Cocktail Buffet Dessert Hors d'oeuvres Outside cakes Plated Servers Stations Other services This location is able to hold bride shower, engagements, rehearsals and wedding ceremonies.

Jack's Oyster House was opened in Albany in 1913 under the direction of Jack Rosenstein.

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