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Reflections and detailed information about Affinity Plus Federal Credit Union. Get Affinity Plus Mobile Banking and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Communist Affinity Plus Federal Credit Union. Affiliate Plus Federal Credit Union Interview Interview Details : The Affinity Federal Credit Union is an equal opportunities employer.

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The Affinity Plus Federal Credit Union is a Minnesota-based non-profit finance cooperation with 27 offices and approximately $1.7 billion in net worth. The bank provides more than 600,000 members with finance and service offerings such as current and saving bank deposits, personal credit s, mortgage and credit card deposits, as well as pension and asset management and more. Affinity Plus is inspired by the credit cooperative's slogan "People Help People" to offer all its members the same advantages, which include attractive prices, minimum charges and the return of one-of-a-kind, member-oriented policies and programmes to the municipalities in which it does businesses.

It is currently managed by Chairman and CEO Dave Larson.


Undergraduates, undergraduate, postgraduate and non-traditional scholars have the opportunity to participate in our Annual Scholarships and Campus Scholarships year-round. Applicants must be a major Affinity Plus member (a member with their own member number) who is well-respected or qualifies for admission to the cooperative before applying for a grant.

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Employer Reviews for Affinity Plus Federal Credit Union

of our staff. It was the best corporate environment I have ever seen, everyone who worked there liked what they did and felt appreciated by the members and managers. You had great advantages and rewards. Only trick is this firm isn't outside of Minnesota! Keep on appreciating your staff, members and the fellowship.

There are many and many advantages at low costs, the feeling that they really take good charge of their staff and the group. There is no activity in the enterprise if 6-15 persons apply for a position. If there is motion, his present manager or vice presidents will receive new title added to their professions or promotions. If there is motion, his present manager or vice presidents will get new title added to their professions or promotion.

Strong feeling for "favoritism" throughout the Group. It seems to me that the present pay scales are not enough to keep my staff close, most of them (hourly) remain due to the environmental and morale of the business vs. enough to survive, I have to do a second day to be able to work here and help myself.

I am generally, credit cooperatives have a tendency to provide a much better working milieu. This said, I've spoken to and attended tens of credit cooperatives over the last 20 years and Affinity Plus is doing some unbelievable things! At the end of last year I began with Affinity Plus and was struck by the leaders' personalities and credo.

Nursing. Pay free days on your birthdays and 6 week 100% free leave for moms and dads to stay with a new kid.... they really take it! Until 2013, Affinity Plus has had a tough year. Since his takeover, Dave Larson, the present CEO, who is 13 years old and has been with the company for many years, has done a small marvel.

Allow your staff to choose what is best for the members after they have had the talks. Training of staff in work-related duties.

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