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The Affinity Credit Union operates as a credit cooperative. When you get a vehicle loan and it is not with Affinity Credit Union, you are probably paying too much. Wherefore Your Car Loan Should Be With Affinity:. Reflections and detailed information about Affinity Federal Credit Union. ffinity Credit Union - St.

Mary's Branch.

Credit cooperative affinity

Aspinity is a credit cooperative for those living or working in West Cumbria. We' re here to help you prevent blackmail pay-day mortgages, expensive'doorstep lenders' or credit sharks. APR to 1000% with an Affinity affordability mortgage. When you want to compute your own amount of your own mortgage, just click below and adjust a mortgage to your needs.

When you have your credit union life insurance policy you may be entitled to a saving credit. This is our best value lending which allows you to lend up to three of your life insurance deposits up to a limit of £10,000. It is possible to request a specific type of borrowing and distribute your redemption payments over a five-year grace term.

Since you are repaying your mortgage, we also ask you to deposit your life insurance deposits. If you wish to request a credit on line, you can call us on 0800 086 8766 or come and see us at one of our branches. Actual interest rates for saving loans are between 1% - 2% per months on the credit balances due (typically 13.44%-28. 52% APR).

No administrative costs are involved in establishing your mortgage and you will not be penalized if you do so. When you have no saving with Credit Union, you can request a Starterdarlehen. Up to £2,000 can be borrowed over two years (maximum 1,000 over one year for your first loan) at 3% interest per annum (typically 42.60% APR).

While you are building up your life insurance deposits, you can lend at discounted interest so that you are paying less interest. Launcher mortgages are just that! If you wish to request a credit on line, you can call us on 0800 086 8766 or come and see us at one of our branches. The applicant for the credit must be either the parent, guardian or grandparent of the child beginning the year.

Lending is restricted to 200 per infant up to a £800 aggregate lending limit. There is a one-year lending limit and an interest of 1.0% per annum on the remaining amount (typically 13.44% APR). If you wish to request a credit on line, you can call us on 0800 086 8766 or pay us a call at one of our branches.

Do not want a credit from us to get you into trouble financially and we should come to an agreement on a credit amount and a payback period that will ensure that your payments are straightforward. Should your situation vary and you have difficulties with the refund, please contact us.

Several of our members have made significant economies and can now take out credit at our low interest rate.

It' s not long to accumulate your money if you make even small deposit. In addition, you profit from our free of charge endowment policy for credits and saving accounts. It' simple to setup and has many advantages; please keep in mind that if your conditions are changing and you find it hard to make your refunds, please contact us.

An affinity is not profit-oriented!

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