Aea Federal Credit Union

The Aea Federal Credit Union

The AEA Federal Credit Union is a non-profit financial cooperative serving residents of Yuma and La Paz counties in Arizona. Here is the official site of the AEA Federal Credit Union in Arizona. Rewensions and detailed information about the AEA Federal Credit Union. Newest tweets from AEA FCU (@AEAFCU). The AEA Federal Credit Union is a non-profit financial institution serving #Yuma and #LaPaz Counties in #AZ.

The AEA Federal Credit Union publishes customer declaration on the new on-line credit system.

A number of our audience members were concerned about the new AEA on-line bank application updates, which took place from 29 June to 2 July. A lot of clients said that they either had problems to log in to their accounts or to check their balances. The AEA Federal Credit Union has issued an formal declaration stating: "We' ve recently improved our on-line bank and transactional system and work directly with our members to answer all your queries.

We' re seeing a high call volumes, as is typically the case when a bank switches its on-line bank and transaction systems". If you have any queries on this topic, AEA will encourage you to contact (928) 783-8881 or send an email to The AEA Federal Credit Union also said they are working to address these problems and want clients to interact directly with AEA so that they can address these problems.

Just hold on a moment and update your webrowser. Just hold on a moment and update your webrowser.

Worked for the AEA Federal Credit Union: staff appraisals

Distinguished work experiences with outstanding managerial assistance. Enhanced skills in cash managment. The majority of the staff are very stressful and always on the fringes and I have to ask myself whether top managers like it that way. Acquaintance with FDIC/NCUA law. All of Phoenix's new managers don't take any notice of the fellowship or people.

All of them bought new vehicles and then informed the staff that they had not received a wage rise for at least 2 years. Conversion into a normal bank - sale, sale, sale, sale! It'?s a gag, she doesn't help the staff at lucky.


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