Activities in the Hudson Valley

Hudson Valley Activities

There are so many activities and opportunities that HVC offers outside our normal course offerings. That's the woman behind the Hudson Valley Bucket List. The Hudson Valley's most popular activity, this villa on the hill was home to four generations of the Rockefeller family, starting with John D. Thank you for your visit! You come and pick apples in the Hudson Valley!

There are also many activities for the children.

Hudson Valley Activities

Visiting the President's farmsteads and galleries. Sightsee historical farms, some of which date back to the time when the Dutch first populated the valley in 1600. Some of the country's richest family lifestyles come true when you come to the Vanderbilts and Mills farmhouses. Wander through the park-like complex with renovated backyards and an incomparable view of the Hudson River.

Look up as old double-deckers come to live, or even better, put on your hat, glasses and shawl and float over the canyon. The Hudson is more direct as you sail your canoe along the shoreline or the autumn leaves from the top of a cruiser.

There will be concerts of various types of theatre, dancing and concerts, from a renovated theatre to a shed and a contemporary centre of the famous Frank Gehry family. You will be inspired to come and see our many farmers' estates and farmers' fairs.

You can taste our award-winning vintages on our Hudson River Valley vineyard itineraries. When you' re looking for open-air entertainment and adventures, try to climb our world-famous rocky outcrops, or walk along our well-marked tracks and mile-long railways that connect on both sides of the river via the Walkway Over the Hudson, hire or take your bicycle or observe countless creeks.

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The Hudson Valley has recently been voted "Top 10 US Destination" by Lonely Planet. The Hudson Valley offers so many possibilities for exploring, relaxing and unwinding that it is truly in the middle of a travelling renaissance: The Hudson Valley has something for everyone with a vibrant arts and musical life, centuries of kilometres of scenic walking and cycling routes, historical places of interest and a growing emphasis on nature, healthcare and wellbeing.

A thousand hectares of untouched woodland reserves provide the visitor with extraordinary walking possibilities, with local history and historic places, shops and restaurants just a few short steps away.

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