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A valley with an elongated depression on the surface of the earth. City is Penn State's only student-run life and style magazine. About Valley Behavioral Health, a non-profit network of clinics that treat behavioral problems.

The geologic formation is formed by flowing streams and migrating ice.

The geologic formation is formed by flowing glacial and riverine flows. A valley is an area permeated by gravitation, sea and sea-frost. Most of the valley's main incisions are in the river and stream, which carve cliffy sides and a small bottom that looks like the letters "V" from a distance.

How quickly the flow falls determines the slope of the sides and the width of the ground. For example, hilly dales have almost perpendicular sides and a small canal, but on the levels the hillsides are flat and the canal width. Most of the rocks and debris are excavated from the bottom of the canal, a what is known as trenching, which can eventually result in steep, slim cliffs like the Black Canyon in Gunnison National Park in Colorado.

A number of riverbanks and brooks, especially in the mountainous areas or near the North and South Poles, are torrential. Tremendous boulders of rock and icebergs crawl down the hill, where they encounter the least resistance: hollows already crossed by small creeks. While the glacier seeps, they take up stones and sharpen at the bottom of the valley and on the sides by pushing the "V" into a "U".

At the time the melting of the icy surface of the valley, a U-shaped valley marked the place where once there were flows of glaciers, icy past. Lateral dales are made up of inflows to brooks and watercourses and feed their principal trunk. The side dales get stuck where the canal is dug lower than the creek, as is usual with glaciers.

Cascading cascades often occur from the outflow of the valley to the dewatering below. Cavities, such as those in Appalachia, are small dales between mountain or hill. Huge fissures can be found where two parts of the earth's ridge are divided or divided. An example of this is the GreatRiftValley, a fissure system that stretches from the Middle East to South Africa.

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