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AAA SoCal does not update policy for few in high-risk areas

AAA Southern California insurer carriers says it is not renewing the insurances of some homeowners' homeowners who live in Poway and identify their houses as a high venture relying on physical closeness to possible fire hazard. The first is on Twin Peaks Road, just south of Espola Road, and the second is on Range Park Road.

Others have said about mobile phones that they also have guidelines that have not been updated. that he got 30 days' dismissal in May. You' re feeling abandoned,' Daniels said. Says the firm has opted against the renewal of less than 1 per cent of its homeowner's insurances.

Daniel's says AAA sent a photographer to take photos of his belongings being up against a ravine. "You said your credit card company was of the opinion that this area was insecure and you just didn't want to cover houses in this area anymore," Daniels said. However, Daniels is a pensioned fireman who says he knows everything about the fire behaviour on the basis of the geography, the meteorology and the fuel used.

He/it says that AAA of Southern California made a false appraisal because his home is under a neighboring slope. We have never claimed a right to smoking, let alone fire damage," Daniels said. And Daniels said he had to find a new port. "I had to go to another insurer and there's about $400 more a year.

So it really worked okay for me," Daniels said. Meanwhile, the State Health and Social Security Committee advises that you go to their website and use their homeowner's online shopping software to find serious insurers. This is AAA of Southern California's full statement:

"Auto Club has been serving its members with insurances for more than 100 years. In order to reach this long-term objective in a responsible manner, we must take measures at regular intervals to minimize the risks of catastrophe. And in California, that means reducing our exposures to forest fires.

While the fire hazard has grown in many California municipalities over the years, we continue to provide homeowner services. In recent years we have seen the need to reassess our vulnerability to fire disasters in the near term. On the basis of this assessment, we must take measures to eliminate houses with the highest forest fire hazard.

The only houses we designate are those with a very high level of risks, which should not be replaced due to their closeness to the scrubber. Using a combined set of air and field photographs, we identified the scrubland. Since we are able to help us determine houses for non-renewal, we offer our own agent to provide alternate cover from a carriers and support in covering a contract with the Faire-Rule.

It is our assumption that less than 1% of our present home contents insurance will not be replaced and will be covered elsewhere. "Jeffrey Spring, directeur des communications de l'Automobile Club de Californie du Sud.

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