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Road service

Online road service If you are up and running, just fill out the on-line application and let us know where your car is, what service you need and your contacts. They must be at the car at the moment of maintenance. Do you know that your issue is related to the batteries? Please ask for our Mobile Replacement Service in the comment area.

Please click here for the service availabilty.

For a visit of 90 or less nights you are eligible for BASIC Emergency Road Side Support.

For a visit of 90 or less nights you are eligible for emergency road side assistance. Please contact you. Please click here for more information about it. Recreational craft (RVs) and motorbikes are not included in these road transport and transport basicservices. We will redirect your service call to the appropriate area, depending on where you are.

Members of all SYC&S® and SYC!® clubs worldwide also receive savings. Every single Rotary Entity has its own area and its memberships are territorial. The precise fees and benefits differ slightly between associations.

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Commissioning always comes first, but if this is not possible, we will take your vehicle home or to your garage. You can travel up to 200 mileage, based on your member group. We come directly to your home or to your offices and test your car's batteries.

Test, supply and installment are free of charge. Lack of propellant isn't as unusual as you might think. When your keys are trapped in the van, we will dispatch a mechanic to take you back to your van. When you get a punctured tyre, your car's replacement tyre will be fitted as long as it is inflation and ready for use.

We can also fix your puncture on site in some cases. When your bike is no longer functional, we will take you and your bike to the place of your choosing, according to the normal breakdown route contained in your members.

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