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The Mid-Atlantic AAA offers car insurance to cover potential damage, loss or injury financially. One of the largest clubs of the American Automobile Association (AAA) National Federation. Mid-Atlantic is a club member of the PA AAA Federation.

AAAAMIDA Atlantic)

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Mid-Atlantic AAA Président du conseil d'administration et chef de la direction Entretiens d'affaires

Mid-Atlantic AAA provides breakdown service, automobile, travel, insurances and finance as well as attorneys for driving and roadholding. The AAA is the first and best road-side breakdown service company to save lives on the road, and road side security is a top concern. Mid-Atlantic AAA expands its breakdown service to include bikers on the beach.

The AAA breakdown helpers comply with strict client support norms and audits. "Twothirds of phone conversations take place during peak traffic periods, most of which take place in three mid-Atlantic conurbations: Member can reduce more than the costs of an one-year subscription by using their rebates on purchases and promotions, voyage scheduling, finance and car and household contents insurements.

If breakdown service cars are on the road, members who are on the beach can follow their status on their mobiles. If we come to the breakdown service, our people ask: "Do you have children, do you need a rented vehicle? Nobody has the broad range of our service. Our benchmark is always the same as that of similar service providers.

What is next for AAA Mid-Atlantic? Mid-Atlantic AAA is creating a vibrant expansion course with enhanced member car service with reliable car repairs for members and non-members in one-stop buying for all AAA insurance travel center car care service. "The first Delaware Car Care Insurance Travel Center will open this year in Dover and a second in the Wilmington region.

Mid-Atlantic AAA has opened 24 such centres in the last four years and 16 more are scheduled to open in the next two years. Delaware Motor Club started with a fistful of members who wanted to make the novel way of motoring safer by enhancing the streets and legislation developed for travelling with horses and buggies.

Delaware Motor Club finally became the Delaware Division of Keystone Automobile Club, which in 1990 fused with the Automobile Club of Maryland and changed its name to AAA Mid-Atlantic. Headquartered in Wilmington, AAA Mid-Atlantic has nearly 4 million members in Delaware, New Jersey, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia and the District of Columbia, providing automobile, life and health care and finance through more than 60 retailers, car care assurance centres, local business centres and

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