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Autoclub Group official site for Michigan. AAA OF MICHIGAN employee reviews on AAA OF MICHIGAN culture, salaries, benefits, work-life balance, management, job security and more. Obtain directions, reviews and information for AAA Michigan in Dearborn, MI.

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Member benefits cover breakdown service, all kinds of travel-related service, a wide range of insurances, and finance related product and service. Please leave a comment at: Notice: Message: In order to prevent our members from receiving unsolicited email and spamming, please be aware that your email may be checked before it is sent to this group.

Work at AAA OF MICHIGAN: People Ratings

AAA from Michigan I wouldn't reccomend if it was the last firm to hire. I' m happy working for the AAA in Michigan. There was nothing wrong with the managment. We do not have two identical working day, because every day has its own challenge and adventure with our clients.

Will these ratings help you to find out more about working at AAA OF MICHIGAN? Doubts and questions were not pursued and rejected by the division's managers. So I was able to work for a multi-site call centre. I' ve learnt various facets of leading, working with HR, training/coaching/development, estate and successor issues, mental health, timing, FMLA implementations, understand the needs and perception of individuals and their needs in work and living conditions; and my needs as a personality, co-worker and manager.

I' ve also loved working with my staff, the average working days were really heavy and sometimes it was difficult to do the jobs the business needed, I'd say the most pleasant part of the jobs was to help them talk through the issues they had. The top managers have to be taught to talk to their staff if they want to keep "good people".

This work was most pleasant because of the cooperation with the employees, the advantages were good at first, then it went back over the years. A rapid business climate with the possibility to expand and move forward with the business.

Opens and closes the offices at 13 Mile Rd and John R, welcome clients, handle inbound and outbound post and telephone conversations as well as courteously supported clients personally and on the telephone with insurances, multitasking, pay slip, computer literacy, micro-soft Wort, Energy point prospect, excellent, six clerical staff work, I was in charge of four of them, I relished working with the general publics daily resolving their issues, their really wasn't a tough part of the job, the only thing is I got sick and had to back off so that maybe that would be the toughest part for me.

Typically, you receive phone call from clients who want to bill, terminate or change their vehicle policy. My post was "satisfactory" because I was the person they could rely on to "determine" their locations to help them quickly and accurately.

A great firm to work for. Wonderful employees and managers. Overall, AAA is a good enterprise for which I enjoy working with my employees and managers. It has been fun to interact with clients and their needs and to ensure that I provide outstanding client services. It is a common working time for me to support suppliers with their needs and to help them make the necessary adjustments if necessary.

I' ve learned the claim handling procedures, i.e. the right way to fill in a claim, what information is needed to handle a claim properly, the differences between a full and a CMB policies, and a multitude of other features.

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