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Employee Reviews for Member Services Representative. Please visit this page for updated resources and information about our membership categories. AAA specialises in cruises and holidays. What is the number of service calls included in my AAA membership? You must be a current AAA member to use these features.

Reviews for American Automobile Association (AAA) Member Service Representative

It encourages open communications and that will help us to find the roots of our problems. It' not clear how to ascend and it seems as though they' re sabotaging. They delegate well and promote open, open and sincere communications between their teams and themselves. They have solved problems in confidence and are very sympathetic to a multitude of problems.

It' awkward how some of these boys talk to clients and around clients. Furthermore, if you use them to put numbers on the plank, clients CAN PLATE. The Service Writers with the good figures are the ones who destroy our ratings and exhaust our client loyalty. It' more costly to get a new client than to keep an old one.

The number of repairs must be kept to a reasonable level to avoid losing customers. Elementary training and comprehension help enormously. Ready to invest the necessary amount of effort and work, however, they need a road-map to their future development. It' difficult to remain highly motived for little more than a minimal salary.

Work as Member Services Representative at AAA: 60 Ratings

Cashing, including the sale of attractions cards, baggage, travel expenses and insurances. Advice on accommodation, rent a vehicle, tour insurances and itineraries. Surprises the customer with better services than anticipated. That' s despite continuous grievances and steady revenue - 9 persons resign in two month because of the terrible managers.

The AAA is a great business to work for - especially in this case - they have a poor hand. It wants to be good for its members, but there are so many differences between the different practices that it is hard to implement them efficiently. Horrible micro-managers who are too concerned about what rules you might break to realize how great their people are.

They enjoy their work and the advantages are great because they provide medicinal, dentistry, visual and 401K products. Great comany. Typically, a full week at AAA as a member services representative can be very strenuous. I' ve learnt a great deal about travelling and sights. It is a respectable place to work and your tough work usually goes with it.

My section mainly deals with those who need cards and attractions and that's it. There is not much room for development, as there are life-long workers there, sometimes there is favouritism with certain help. The AAA take good charge of their staff, provide meals and are very sensible if you have a domestic accident or something comes up.

I' ve been enjoying meeting their needs in terms of members. It was also a pleasure to help those who were left on the roadside and to make sure that they were helped as quickly as possible. Working in a fast-paced client services setting where every day was a new one.

This was a great firm to work for, and I would consider going back. Relax; just about just reply telephones for Urgency Street side duty. I' d never refer this firm to anyone I could ever trust. Experiences and allegiance are of no importance to this enterprise. It' a firm that supports those they like, not those they deserve.

They always want a favour, but do nothing for you, bad gear, all they value are numbers.

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