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The AAA says natural gas costs are down a pence in Massachusetts

The BOSTON - Petrol costs are down in Massachusetts. The AAA Northeast found in its Monday Review revealed that the cost of self-serve, calculated regularly at $2.82 per gallon, which is one penny lower than last weeks. This is one penny lower than the country and 58 europence per galon higher than a year ago.

The AAA found self-service, frequent gas sales for as low as $2.71 per gal and as high as $2.99 in Massachusetts. The AAA says that consumers are diminishing demands for petrol, as opposed to July, and rates are reacting accordingly. The AAA says that the country is likely to fall further.

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Maassachusetts gas prices 7 cents lower than the national average of $2.25 A gallon

Springham - Petrol prices in Massachusetts are up a penny this week, according to AAA Northeast. AAA' s July 17 pricing poll in Massachusetts finds self-service, periodic lead-free averages $2.18 per gallon. AAA' s July 17th poll of rates in Massachusetts finds self-service, averages $2.18 per gal. Massachusetts' cost is seven europence below the domestic mean for periodic lead-free of $2.25. One year ago, the Massachusetts market was $2.16, two europence lower.

"This small rise follows a phase of strong growth in consumer demands and some falls in the flood of petroleum that have kept US dollar rates low this summer," said Mary Maguire, Director of Public and Legislative Affairs for AAA Northeast. In the latest AAA Lead Free Plain Paper poll, the pricing ranges from a low of $2.05 to a high of $2.41, at 36c. The market for lead-free plain paper is currently at a low of $2.05 to a high of $2.41.

The AAA Northeast is a non-profit car association with 62 branches in Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Jersey, New Hampshire and New York, which provides more than 5.2 million AAA members with transportation, assurance, financial and automotive benefits.

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