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To call AAA: Use the toll-free numbers below to contact customer service. The AAA Northern New England is looking for applicants for full-time tractor drivers. The nation's largest automobile club, AAA, is hiring in Nashville and offering positions in customer service.

For a visit of 90 or less nights you are eligible for BASIC Emergency Road Side Support.

For a visit of 90 or less nights you are eligible for emergency roadside assistance. Please contact you. Please click here for more information about it. Recreational craft (motorhomes) and motorbikes are not included in these traffic service packages. We will redirect your service call to the appropriate area, depending on where you are.

Members of all SYC&S® and SYC! ® worldwide also receive cost reductions. Every single Rotary Entity has its own area and its memberships are territorial. The precise fees and benefits differ slightly between associations.

Auto Club Group AAA Customer Service Representative

The AAA, the country's biggest motoring association, hires in Nashville and offers customer service opportunities. We are looking for skilled employees to fill these temporary jobs. The recruited staff will first be recruited via Randstad staffing. Single persons will then have the possibility to switch to a normal AAA job if jobs become available throughout the year.

AAA' Customer Interaction Centre in Nashville is extending its activities! Are you looking for a job with one of the leading companies in the customer service sector? Nashville Emergency Roadside Assistance Department is extending its operational base and is currently recruiting ERS Customer Service Representatives. This is a Customer Advocate in our Emergency Roadside Customer Service Call Centre.

Included in this item is the acceptance of incomming AAA member phone call that requires breakdown service. Randstad Staffing's relationship manager role would begin as a full-time and temporary job, with the possibility of turning into a normal AAA job in the DC. Workouts for this job are remunerated and last 4 week, Monday-Friday from 8:30 - 17:00, then the normal shifts work.

This position is based on Temp to Hire. The recruited staff will first be recruited via Randstad Staffing. Single persons will then have the possibility to submit an application for a normal AAA job, as the vacancies will be available all year round. Firstly, Randstad staff are entitled to a number of competitively priced AAA services, which include health, dentistry and pension schemes, if they are made AAA.

Capability to offer a high degree of customer service in a call centre profession.

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