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Please contact us today for expert help in choosing a life insurance or pension. Call these numbers at any time to use the services of Triple AAA. At the top are our top recommendations for contacting AAA, including their top phone number and live chat options.

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This is the AAA Support and Contact Free 1-800 number. Call these numbers at any time to use the Triple AAA network. All over the USA the offices are open 24 hours a day. Use this number to claim AAA memberships. B. 1-800-222-1134- For AAA.

When you are already a member of AAA, you can always make a servicing call for your car. Or, find help with an active member. For several other members of the AAA. The American Automobile Association, which is stylised as AAA, is a non-profit association of engine racing associations throughout North America.

The company is headquartered in Heathrow, Florida. Its membership exceeds 55.6 million in Canada and the United States. We offer breakdown service and insurances, etc. for car-operators. At first, 1,500 members together with nine engine teams made up the AAA. Later, with million of members, Triple entered AAA in the following years.

In 1904 the first American automotive organisation, the American Motor League, was founded. Heathrow, Florida, United States,Heathrow, Florida, United States,Heathrow, Florida, United States-32746,

personnel register

Fulfilling the needs of the members is the main objective of the AAA staff's work: to meet the needs of the members: Mr. Ed is in charge of the AAA' s effective governance and administration in accordance with the AAA's statutes, rules of procedure and the Board's strategy and for the systematic implementation of the AAA's missions, targets and finances.

It is not officially entitled to vote in all bodies and commissions of the club and is in charge of monitoring the club's overall budgets and investments. It identifies the personnel required for the administration and supply of AAA programs and, if necessary, carries out contractual and contractual work in writing. In 1986, Ed joins Battelle, the year he earned his doctorate in Arts Ethropology from Arizona State University.

During his time at Battelle, he moved up from researcher to senior research manager and head of research activities at the Seattle-based firm. Mr. Brad is an Adjunct professor of humanities and inter-disciplinary study at the University of Washington. As a guest lecturer in Applied anthropology and comparative economics at the Università Carlo Cattaneo Castellanza, VA, Italy, Senior Fellow of the Fulbright Commission, he was a member of the CDC funded Summer Evaluation Institute School.

In addition, he was a board member of the AAA, the Society for Applied Anthropology, the Ethnographic Praxis in Industry Conference and the Jack Straw Media Arts Foundation. Ext: Dexter provides the highest levels of administration assistance to the Chief Financial Officer and the Deputy Chief Financial Officer (CFO). Ext.: Kim chairs the election and voting for the AAA and Section and appoints the Nominating Committee, the Section Assembly and the Board.

It assists the Section Chairs and works with the Executive Committee of the Section Assembly as part of the new AAA' s new governance overhaul. He also supervises the Association's formal management documentation, which includes Board of Directors meetings transcripts, Board of Directors transcripts, Board of Directors transcripts, decisions and section data, such as past statutes, charter documentation and officers' list.

Elaine's main tasks include assisting the Executive Director as Alternate Director, serving as AAA' CEO and overseeing and directing the areas of affiliation, IT/Web, accounting and administration. Ms. Bert is a member of the Finance Committee, the Association Operations Committee and the Resource Management Committee. Ms. Becker also works as a personnel manager and in the AAA homepage contents group.

It supports the Assistant Chief Financial Officer with other roles, as desired, and also acts as contact person to the Group of Trustees Section, the AAA Audit Committee and the Committee on Gender Equity in Anthropology. Mr. Becker is also a member of the AAA Awards Committee. Ext.: Tonieh is one of the kind people on the telephone, as she is the first point of contact for member enquiries and is in charge of the member data base.

Ext.: Shawn is in charge of the AAA website, the CMS, the section sites, the listservices and the web design and coding as well as the Anthropology News website. He/she works in the AAA homepage contents group, helps with maintenance and supports the administrator, web & database with problems related to the member schemes.

Ext.: Ext.: Mr. W. Nate is in charge of the association's strategy and financial managment and the administration of sessions, conventions and related events. It advises AAA leaders and boards on issues related to the annual meeting and related conferencing activities, including: budgets and policies, organisation and operation.

Leads AAA employees and sales people who are producing AAA meeting and conference materials and is the point of contact for the Annual Meeting Executive Programme Committee. She is in charge of the AAA annual conference and the AAA' annual congress. It advises the Section Programme Editors/Reviewers and supervises the presentation of abstracts for the Annual General Meeting.

AAA helps to provide contents for the communication of the annual meeting with employees and executives within the AAA. She is also in charge of the printed and web contents of the Annual General Meeting. Ext.: Kyla is in charge of the supervision of special meetings and related activities in connection with the AAA Annual Meeting and new conferencing activities.

It supports the section schedulers who are in charge of workshop and event management at the conference. It refreshes the website of the conference, helps with the administration of the Call for Paper and answers questions from members about the AGM. It provides scheduling and logistics assistance for AAA's new initiative, which includes personal and online forums.

They oversee product printing, manage finance, budget and long-term plans for AAA publisher programmes, seek and manage programme grants and are members of the Scientific Communications Committee and the Committee for the Future of Printed and Electronic Publish. Ext: Nathalie monitors all contents for Anthropology Newsletter (AN), the AAA' offical newsgroup.

CO continuously posts articles, editorials, articles, news, reviews and more by members on the public website AN's bi-monthly printed editions combines select manuscripts from with conventional newsletters shared with members and readers. Ext.: Alexandra works in close cooperation with the Managing Editor and the Director of Publishers to meet the publication requirements of all AAA members.

It works for the editors of the 22 AAA magazines and works with AAA publisher Wiley-Blackwell. Ext.: The wizard works in close cooperation with the director of the publisher to assist the administration and works on the Open Humanities. Daniel leads the AAA' s research programme, which examines the career of human scientists in and from science as well as anthropological training at postgraduate, subgraduate and pre-college level.

The AAA' scholarship and work placement programmes, as well as providing educational programmes and expert support to members from industry, administration, non-profit organisations and universities. Mr. Walker is in charge of leading AAA's AAA' Social Educational Campaign, which shows the unmistakable and comprehensive anthropological perspectives on anthropological issues of social mobility and expulsion from a scientific, historical and experiential view.

Ext: Kalmyra is in charge of the compilation and analysis of the anthropological information central, the AAA' s research clearing house for the disciplines and professions of humanities. Its main emphasis is on job creation tendencies for those who were educated in the fields of humanities, sociology and humanities at the pre-degree levels. Ext: Jeff directs AAA's communication, commitment and PR for the mass media, the general community, academia, potential employer and political decision-takers.

Ext.: Anne directly supports the implementation of extensive communication, advertising and communication policies that promote the AAA's mandate and its aim of fostering anthropological research. She is in charge of the AAA website and the AAA blogs and podcasts. Ext.: Liz is coordinating the AnthroGuide, a printed and on-line data base of human scientists, anthropological study programmes and anthropologically oriented non-profit organisations and authorities.

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