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Claims Department AAA phone number #2: 800-922-8228 That AAA number is number 2 out of 3 because 58,956 AAA clients tried our utilities and information and gave us feedbacks after they call. Cause why clients call 800-922-8228 is, the AAA Claims for issues such as cancellation or modification of policy, booking problem, auto service, complaint, something does not work.

The AAA has 3 telephone numbers and 7 different ways to get help. We' ve collected information about 800-922-8228 and ways to call or get in touch with clients like you. It should be quite easy to call AAA at this number. Also, what is important is what you do as soon as you call, or what are your other telephone number choices.

Basically we browse the telephone menus for you, queue and call you when a AAA claims agent can speak. It' quicker that way and you don't need to hear poor holding tunes. After you have called AAA's Claims Office, you may need to give them information that will identify you as a client, such as your full name (or name on the account), your e-mail or telephone number, or an bank number.

If you want to check the telephone numbers of AAA, click here. Although 800-922-8228 is AAA's most common number, it is not the only way to reach the account management group. They already know from above that 800-222-4357 is their best client number overall, and we have compiled a summary of their 7 ways to get in touch with our technical help.

Noticing one thing as you try to obtain AAA help by phoning them is that other buyers give their buyers a 82% point number for their communications skills and a 75% point number for the total help they got. This could be an indication of their ability to help you solve your overall issue, whether you call this number or not.

Please click here to see a list of all telephone numbers, online contacts and more.

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