A Visit to new York City

Visiting New York City

Schedule your visit to New York City with free itineraries, guides, activities and maps. These two museums are a must for your first visit to New York City. Take the Staten Island ferry. on Fifth Avenue. Museums and free museum days.

All you need to know for your first visit to New York City

Did New York City capture your fantasy with its glittering starry sky line, the never-ending things to see and do, and the uninterrupted energy puls? No matter whether you stay here (like me!) or come to visit, it is undeniable that the magnetising attraction to relive unbelievable NYC. When you are about to make your first visit to New York City, you will find everything you need to know here.

With route suggestions with tickets, accommodation and food recommendations and how to get around, you have everything you need to make your first visit to New York City an instant hit! There are 3 New York City Airport, JFK, Laguardia and Newark Liberty in New Jersey. When your plane reaches JFK or Newark, you can take the S-Bahn and/or the underground to NYC.

The best way for those who come to Laguardia is by cab or auto services, such as Uber or Via. and Laguardia are available from JFK and Laguardia. In order to safe your costs, drive a shared transporter. From the north-east and your first visit to New York City, you'll be better off taking a local rail such as Metro-Nord, NJ Transit or Amtrak into town.

If you want to get to New York City, the best way is by metro or on feet. And, of course, the simplest way to travel is by metro or on feet without having to carry big pockets. A lot of underground walkways have only staircases and pavements, as well as restaurant and other rides are probably overcrowded and even limit baggage and other big baggage.

Bounce allows you to setup everything on its website so you can go without losing your precious or worry about your money. Imagine the roads of New York City as a huge tic-tac-toe surfboard across Manhattan. These are some hints to help you move around town like an experienced walker.

The roads run horizontal from eastern to western part. Fifth Avenue divides the eastern side from the western side. The nearer the location on Fifth Avenue and the further away from Fifth Avenue, the lower the numbers will be. New York Underground runs all over the city. Wherever you want to go, there's probably a metro line going in that directio.

Here is the metro information you need to know to look like a professional. There is a $1 fee to get the map before you load it with cash or overtime. Underground rates are $2. 75 per passenger and route with free transfer between the metro and city coaches. When you want to take the metro at least 12 trips, you can use your week ticket to help you get around, no matter how many nights you spend in New York City.

Get an NYC Underground application or keep a downloadable file on your mobile device. But I also tell you which one of the cars is nearest to the metro station and which one will take you to the station. While I wouldn't suggest driving through the roads on your first visit to New York City, the Hudson River cycle track and park scenery is a great way to mix the two.

When you first visit New York City, it makes perfect business sense to begin at this icons crossroad. Go eastwards on Fiftyth Street, cross across Seventh Avenue and then Sixth Avenue to get to the Rockefeller Center. Along the way you will see the Radio City Music Hall and maybe even a rockette or two! From Rockefeller Center, head eastwards to Fifth Avenue and see the distinctive façade of St. Patrick's Cathedral.

They are now on Fifth Boulevard, renowned for their high-end shops and malls. Stroll along the alley to take a first look at the bustling mix of transport, coaches and people. Don't miss the opportunity to take a bird's view of New York City and the Empire State Building and/or the Top of the Rock for stunning vistas!

When you have little in the way of spare times or funds (or both!), visit 1 of the building. Empire State Building is a classical New York emblem with an elevation platform on the 86-th and 102th levels. Top of the Rock's viewing platform is on the 1970th storey, but you can also see and take pictures of the Empire State Building's skin.

When you decide on the Empire State Building, drive down Fifth Avenue southwards (house numbers 50, 49, etc.) to your left to 34-th Avenue. Buy your ticket in advanced to help you saving your own time. With a New York CityPass, you can jump rows for admission to 3 or 6 NYC attractions (you choose) at an affordable rate if you want to explore all of New York's major attractions!

Per tip: Bryant Park (summer films & vacation markets) and the New York Public Library (Rose Room) are also definitely a must! They' re both on their way to the Empire State Building on 42nd St. and Fifth Avenue. Macy' s and Herald Square are just one brick east of the Empire State Building, on 34-th St. and 6th Avenue.

There are several musees on the eastern and western sides of Central Parks. Metropolitan Museum of Art is located on Fifth Avenue, on 82nd Street. American Museum of Natural History is located on the opposite side of the grounds on 81 st Street and in Centralpark West. These are must-visit for your first visit to New York City.

So go get some cool outside and take a little hike in Central Park. The Central is located from 59th Street to the 110th Street between Fifth Avenue and Central park western. Hike along the paths and explore the sheep meadow, the lake and all the wells, memorials, parks and overpasses. Get ready to "get lost", which is almost not possible if you use the building and road congestion on the eastern or western side of the parks as a guide.

You can also use the Central Parks application to show where you are in terms of the park's favourite attractions. Stroll to the other side of the parc from where you came into the parc and head towards the museum you want to visit. Spare your afternoons to enjoy another of New York City's unbelievable musees.

The Guggenheim and Cooper-Hewitt Smithsonian are other remarkable musea near the Met, while the New York Historical Society Museum is next to the Museum of Natural History. So much more to New York City! Use the metro to Lower Manhattan for a little exploration.

Soho ( "shopping"), Greenwich Village ("classic NYC") and Chinatown ("good food") or a detailled Lower Manhattan route, you will learn more about the "real" Manhattan by moving away from the more touristic places in the city centre. Wander along the footpath to see the view of New York City and wonder how such an imposing building was constructed before the era of electric tooling.

It is also a great chance to see the extensive view of the city and harbour from the One World Observatory, one of the best activities in NYC. Once you have visited the Muzeum, hike along the western side of Manhattan, through the Western Village and the Meat Packing neighbourhood. Bushwalk the cafés, beergardens, and stores on your way to the High Line entry on Gansevoort Street.

It is an increased city garden, which was constructed along deserted railway lines. You will feel like a real New Yorker with the view, the streets and the ambience along the stroll. The Statue of Liberty and South St. Seaport are other places of interest, according to how much free and busy you have in New York City.

View the best New York City streets by staying a few in Brooklyn. The Coney IslandAmusement Park and Boardwalk are right in Brooklyn and a great place for having a good time and getting a sea breeze to chill out from the sun. A convenient footpath to a metro stop is the best "location".

There you have direct contact to all the places you want to visit. The New York City Accommodation is quite expensive, which makes it perfect if you have points for an awards sojourn. The city has real estate in all important lodging loyality programmes, which could also offer a profitable points system for paying travel.

You can use Hustle and AwardMapperto to look for properties with fidelity programmes and their availabilities. When you don't earn points, you can view these 4 New York properties at $150 or the best New York City properties rank. Or you can look for other great properties on TripAdvisor here or on Booking.com here.

So whether you're looking for genuine India cuisine or the best vegetarian burger in NYC, New York City has an infinite number of amazing cuisine. You' re all set for a first visit to NYC! So did you travel to New York City? Which tip do you suggest for a first visit to New York City?

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