A Map of new York

Map of New York

Don't get lost with these great tools. On the interactive map below you will find playgrounds, restaurants and cultural attractions. New York Economic Regions Map.svg - Downstate New York[hide].

New York City mood map

Manhattan's financial district is one of the most angry places in Manhattan, according to emotive -measuring app. Had this been a map of New York City in Grand Theft Auto, you would want to stay away from the following districts until you have established your arsenal: Bedford-Stuyvesant, Alphabet City, the Financial District.

It is a free application programmed in Brooklyn but it' s based on an Ital. Because (as NTC Hosted emphasizes) it is wise to make your products look like a verb: it means that users can exchange thoughts and histories between their network in the shape of notes or photos (these news are known as " Wows " if you can get yourself to say it - and since you probably "tweet ", why not?

There is the possibility to add an emotional to a lyric like "happy", "sad", "surprised", "flirty" and "drunk", because that is too emotional. This is the meter that makes it most enjoyable to be in Greenpoint in New York. When you fancy extensive conversation and silly screams, drive to Murray Hill or the East Village, where folks cry while they're wasted.

Some of the most surprising visitors can be found on Roosevelt Island.

The Manhattan of the Mind Slide Show

"The 25-year-old New Yorker Becky says, "I recall being at the top of Manhattan and scared" behind "Map Your Memories", a program she began in 2009. They were all self-addressed and postmarked so that they could be sent back to her. Then, with a girlfriend from Marble Hill - the highest point in the district - she walked down to its most southern point and passed the cards on to a stranger with a single instruction: Fill them out with what you can best see in the town.

The following year Cooper was swamped with mail: each card given back offers a small, singular self-portrait. At about the same epoch, Cooper began working at The New Yorker as Adam Gopnik's assistent, who became the godfather and proponent of the work. He composed the opening credits to an upcoming work, Mapping Manhattan.

"Mapping Manhattan: Abrams Image will release "A Love (and Sometimes Hate) Story in Magazines by 75 New Yorkers" in April.

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