36 Hours in Hudson Valley

36-hours in the Hudson Valley

From art and antiques to history and hiking to restaurants and river views, get ready for a full weekend in this region north of New York City. Thirty-six hours in the Hudson Valley, New York. NEW YORK TIME: 36 HOURS IN THE HUDSON VALLEY. I' m just lurking here, but if you look Google Hudson Valley History you'll find a ton of resources. The three-hour Grand Tour was definitely worth the time and money.

Upstate New York Town, in front of a picturesque backdrop

As the married couples Sarah and Nick Suarez leave New York City to open their first backcountry dining establishment, the pair made a somewhat unexpected decision in Germantown. In spite of the origins of one of America's most mighty and famous family-the Rockefellers-the picturesque Columbia County city, which has only 2,000 inhabitants, has been relatively unexplored in comparison to other bustling places in the Hudson Valley such as Kingston and Hudson (though it profits from its closeness to both).

"There is a very particular kind of power in this small town," says Suarez. The pair, whose experiences in Brooklyn and Manhattan include Gramercy Tavern, The Modern, Franny's and Marlow & Sons, opened Gaskins last year, where the local seasons food menus offer the taste of homemade, home-made comfort (which seems appropriate as the Suarezes reside on top of the restaurant).

in their nocturnal surgeries: Also on the list is Suarez Family Brewery brew, which Nick's sister recently opened in neighboring Livingston. Downstairs, where you can go shopping, browsing and eating in the neighbourhood. Birmingham and Rebecca Squiers left for Germantown five years ago, but only transferred their antique store to a car repair workshop in Brooklyn in the early part of this year.

Gaskins customers can also indulge in a cocktail at the pub under one of the shop's suspended globus fittings. This multi-facetted artistic area ( "social artistic project") was opened in August by Dawn Breeze (alongside Gaskins) with a series of exhibits, residencies and work-shops.

The current group show "Girls in Trees" (until 6 November) is being shown, with works by more than 33 authors and performers, among them Brigitte Lacombe and Sharon Olds, winner of the Pulitzer Prize. "With the opening of Otto Otto's store, Otto Leuschel really deserved to bring Germantown to life," says Breeze (owner of Instar Lodge, above).

The two-story Main St. store (across from Gaskins), due to open in mid-November as an outpost to Port Land's beloved Alder & Co., will sell household goods, pharmacy products, apparel and accessoires from labels such as antipaste, Privat 0204 and Byredo. Co-proprietors Carla Helmholz and Rebecca Westby, both of whom have recently moved to the region, also want to contribute original offers from creative and artisan people.

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