1 Day Trip to new York

One-day excursion to New York

Visiting the Big Apple, but only have 24 hours to see all New York attractions? We' ve got the perfect One Day in New York itinerary for you. However, follow this 1-day trip to see some of the best sights and eat some of the best food. Discover the best things you can do in New York City in one day, based on recommendations from local experts. Take our 1-day New York Tour and experience a fantastic view of New York City!

New York City in one day

You' re going to New York City. In Manhattan, it is advisable to focus on adventures for the best day out. Begin at Rockefeller Centre, a well-known NYC venue, even for many who have never been to town - it's always on TV shows like Saturday Night Live and Today and during TV promotions like the center's yearly Christmas trees illumination ceremonies.

When you get here early enough, you can stay in front of the Today Studios window and beckon your buddies home - a great way to get started on your Manhattan Tornado trip while immortalizing the world. The viewpoint opens at 8am and you will be beating the largest crowd when you get there at breakfasts (even later in the evening as it shuts down at noon - the lifts go up until 11pm).

One of the best vistas of the New York City metropolis and New York City's iconic New York City with more than 100 towers 500 ft high and more - not to speak of the Statue of Liberty, the classical US symbol. Once back on the road, drive three stops to the Museum of Modern Arts (MoMA) to the northern end to see one of the world's best collection of modern arts, from paintings and sculptures to films and livecam.

Next, join another important New York City adventure - a metro trip. Locate the stop near City Hall (one or two stations behind Canal Street, according to the metro line), where you can see the fine interior design of the building, one of the oldest still working town houses in the country. The Brooklyn Bridge is still an inspirational architectonic wonder of more than 130 years.

The city is the global capitol of African-American civilization. Then, Drops byFederal Hall National Memorial, the place where George Washington was dedicated as the first US Presidential and where the Bill of Rights was made. A few blocks further westwards you can head to the 9/11 Memorial & Museum: twins in the outlines of the initial WTC tower provide a foreword to a history of the September 11th attack told in a unique museology.

The new One World Trade Center reaches an altitude of 1,776 ft, making it the highest structure in the West. The National Museum of the American Indian, situated at the historical Alexander Hamilton Customs House, is your last stop in the city centre, where you can discover the wealthy heritage and civilization of the indigenous peoples of America.

But the last (but certainly not least) point on your one-day NYC schedule is an night in Harlem - one of the liveliest districts of the city and a global capitol of Afroamerican Awareness. When you arrive early enough, visit the Studio Museum in Harlem (it is open until 9 pm on Thursdays and Fridays and close at 6 pm on weekends).

It shows the work of some of the most famous artist from the USA and around the globe. Apollo Theatre' Amateur Night (7:30 p.m. on Wednesdays) is a long-established event in which celebrities such as Billie Holiday and Ella Fitzgerald were guests. You can also find many great dining places that serve delicious food and help you replenish your batteries at the end of your fast-paced NYC book.

Favourites include the celebrated Red Rooster Harlem by star cook Marcus Samuelsson and The Cecil, which was named the best new food in America by Esquire Magazin in 2014. It can' be long now that you've been to New York City.

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