1 Day Trip to Bahamas

Sightseeing in the Bahamas for 1 day

$73 for 1 day cruise to the Bahamas from Fort Lauderdale. $149 for 2 nights cruises from Port of Palm Beach to Grand Bahama Island. Bahamas Day Trips & Excursions. Day trip to Rose Island by boat from Nassau. All-Inclusive Blue Lagoon Island Beach Day ab Nassau.

Lunch and snorkeling from Nassau on Pearl Island Beach Day.

Everglades Cruise Boat Trips - Fort Lauderdale, FL

We still have our 2 nights cruise to Freeport Grand Bahama Island available. For more information, click on -----> 2 nights Bahamas cruise. In addition, we are offering 2 nights long 3, 4, 5 and 7 nights cruise from Palm Beach, Port Cannaveral (Orlando), Miami, Ft Lauderdale, Tampa and Jacksonville.

2x seperate cruisers, 2x different funny tropic holidays. We offer the Fort Lauderdale Airportservice for your comfort at reasonable prices. Miami port and Miami International are only 18 leagues apart. The Fort Lauderdale International is only 10 leagues from Broward Conventions Centre and Port Everglades Club. The Miami Beach Conventions Centre is only 35 leagues from Fort Lauderdale International Airports.

Locate all of Fort Lauderdale's most popular destinations near cruises harbours and airfields. Comfortable shuttle services from and to the marina are available at affordable prices. Don't miss out on the competitively priced Miami, Fort Lauderdale and Florida Keys itineraries.

One-day cruise to Bahamas

This is exactly what a day trip is, a day trip; leaving in the mornings and returning in the evenings. Did you consider a one-day trip to the secluded Out Islands of the Bahamas? A thrilling day trip to the Bahamas means you can go to another destination and take only one day off.

Enjoy a one-day trip from Miami to the Bahamas Out Islands. You can see and do many things that you can remove from your pail lists. There are many possibilities for boating trips to see and enjoy the floating swine, snorkelling with the green turtles, sting rays and shark. Discover the city' s rich past, cultural heritage and gastronomy in a day trip from Fort Lauderdale to the Bahamas.

Fascinating day excursions from Miami to the Bahamas are the best use of your day, fast and comfortable. You can enjoy the real little Bahamas Islands adventure; why not take a day trip to the Bahamas? Bahamas are only a day trip away from the south of Florida! A day trip from Fort Lauderdale to Bahamas is perfect for Floridaers.

Explore the secluded, genuine Out Island, Bahamas on a one-day Bahamas trip. Narrow chains of tropic isles, the Out Isles extend over a hundred leagues; thrilling adventure awaits you. One day cruising to the Bahamas is the new hottest, trendiest resort! In the early hours of the day, go on a one-day trip to the Bahamas and come back the same night with adventure and adventure to share.

One-day Bahamas adventures are comfortable and enjoyable! A day trip from Miami to the Bahamas gives you the opportunity to see another land and live the Bahamas' genuine people. Being close to the Bahamas means you can have an adventurous day. Departure points are Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Palm Beach, Vero Beach and Orlando; comfortable and inaccessible.

A day trip from Miami to Bahamas is just the best; a day full of adventures! Or maybe a day trip from Fort Lauderdale to Bahamas is more in line with your itinerary. Everybody will have a one-day trip to the Bahamas Out Islands. International and national travellers who are only in Florida for a few nights can take a one-day trip to Bahamas.

Indeed, day excursions from Miami to Bahamas are simple to arrange. Floridon natives may have a pro bono opportunity to commemorate such an anniversay or birthdays, which is perfect for a one-day Bahamas trip. Companies can provide incentives for staff. Businessmen can take an additional day to enjoy Bahamian living.

It may also be the case that traveling on a luxury liner has had no opportunity to see a secluded isle because distant trips do not make the shortlist on a ferry. So a one-day trip to the Bahamas can fill out where the cruisers have stopped. These are some points to consider when you plan a one-day trip to the Bahamas.

A day trip to the Bahamas by air takes about an hours, which allows more travel on the Bahamas than on a ferry! One day cruises to the Bahamas can take you to the outside reef where you can see sea creatures, deep sea caves and caves.

The Bahamas day trip allows you to see and do many things that are not easy to get to from a ferry. A day trip to the Bahamas from Miami allows you to enjoy the full spectrum of activities: snorkelling, scuba-diving, bathing, sea ridge walking, visits to historic places, participation in culture and celebrations, and encounters with animals and seafood that you would not normally do.

Bahamas floating hogs are far too far away for cruisers to get to. Furthermore, the sea is too flat for cruisers. Occasions to explore the indigenous Bahamanian civilization - not possible with a single line. Not a sea sickness, a frequent appearance on cruisers is not so when you fly!

This one-day Bahamas trip begins with a flight and then leads you by ferry to the amazing Bahamas Out Islands. Bahamas Island hopping will one day be at the top of your holiday adventure. This one-day trip from Miami provides many ways to experience sea living, beachside living and Bahamanian cuisine.

Enjoy the tranquil, small, genuine Out Island Bahamas adventureNo masses of people on an intimate one-day trip to the Bahamas Out Islands as you will find them on cruisers. Exclusive, tailor-made day tours to the Bahamas just for you. Making a one-day trip to the Bahamas can be a great way to have a two-day or one-day Bahamas trip is perfect for groups of your boyfriends, relatives and co-workers.

Bahamas adventure is going to be tough to find one day. It' day trip from Fort Lauderdale to the Bahamas! South Florida PickupsNot restricted to one Fort Lauderdale dock. One day trip from Miami is all included. Trustworthy company with an outstanding credentials; a one-day Miami trip means sure enjoyment at a great value.

Make a day trip as a personal charter: it is ideal for groups, events and company outings. One day cruises to the Bahamas will be all you've ever dreamed for and more. As a matter of fact, you'll probably want to make another Bahamas trip soon. The Bahamas' main attraction is floating swine, sea turtles, sting rays and shark, along with historic treasure on a beautiful shore.

Going on a day trip from Fort Lauderdale to Bahamas is the simplest holiday you have planned. Select from one of the tours they have already created or create your own luxury yacht charters. If you could be on the Bahamian coast for a day instead, why bother taking a ferry?

All the comforts of a one-day trip to the Bahamas combined with the adventure of a Bahamas day trip will help you decide to take the leap on a one-day Bahamas trip. Small-groups, private, lots of fun, cultural activities, food and of course the beach: the one-day trip to the Bahamas is everything.

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