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Hudson Valley Guides

We've sifted and sorted many of the most interesting things there are to see and do in the Hudson Valley for you. Just select what interests you below and enjoy the exploration!

Antiques in the Hudson Valley The Hudson Valley is filled with some of the best antique shopping to be found in the US. One way to approach the dizzying subject is thru the many museums and exhibition spaces specializing in presenting antiques in their period settings.
The Arts in the Hudson Valley Both the Fine & Performance Arts abound all across the Hudson Valley. Ranging from world famous collections and exhibitions to quiet country galleries, you will be pleased with what you'll encounter.
Boating on the Hudson River The centerpiece of our valley is the majestic Hudson River itself. Enjoy a cruise, a paddle or a spin in your motor boat, everything you need to know is here.
The Bounty and Farms of the Hudson Valley Long known as the gardens of New York City, the agricultural heritage of the Hudson Valley is nearly as deep and rich as the soils that line the banks. Pick some apples or peaches, savor a glass of artisan crafted wine, wander a local farmer's market and savor the farm fresh produce or cut down your own Christmas Tree. What you need to know is waiting for your pleasure.
A Culinary Guide to the Hudson Valley Based upon the spectacular produce of its local farms, the Hudson Valley has blossomed into one of the great culinary destinations in America. Eat your way thru specialty shops, restaurants and bistros. Tour the CIA and settle back for a delightful and savory adventure.
Gardens of the Hudson Valley The art of Landscape & Garden Desing originated in the Hudson Valley fostering schools of art and the first truly American school of art, the Hudson River School of Art. Many of the great landscapes and gardens are still lovingly tended and prepared for your visit and enjoyment.
GLBT Friendly Hudson Valley Not world famous as a GLBT travel destination, we want to allure & entice you up into our quiet valley where you will discover the peace and quiet of the country surrounded by art, history and vibrant entertainment.
Golfer's Guide to the Hudson Valley Golfing in America began here in the Hudson Valley. Today, some of the most spectacular and challenging courses are to be found in our beautiful valley.
Heritage Sites in the Hudson Valley The Hudson Valley contains the highest concentration of significant historic sites in America. We have pulled together information on the most important and interesting ones here for you to explore.
Great Estates & Historic Mansions of the Hudson Valley The rich & powerful fled north from New York City and erected their mansions and estates along the banks of the Hudson River. And two Presidents called the Hudson Valley home. Explore their homes and plan a visit.
Traveling With Your Pets Many places in the Hudson Valley welcome both you and your pets to visit.
Exploring the American Revolution in the Hudson Valley General Washington called the Hudson the "Key to America" and spent more time and lavished more effort in fortifying and defending the mighty Hudson River than any other location in the War. Explore the strategy, the sites and the history still to be found in the Hudson Valley.
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