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A Guide to the Bounty and Agri-Tourism in the Hudson Valley

The Hudson Valley abounds with everything imaginable that is good and delicious from the garden, pasture and orchard. The Valley's climate is particularly situated to enjoy a special combination of sun, rain and temperature that combines with the deep rich native soils of the river's flood plain to create ideal conditions for agriculture and husbandry. The Valley draws up the cooling breezes of the Atlantic tempering the heat, allowing for an early start and later finish to the growing season than surrounding areas.

Our steep hillsides allow the land to catch the earliest morning rays of the sun and shelter it from the hottest afternoon blaze. The mists and fogs rising up from the river cool the mornings and evenings and dampen the ground establishing and finishing each day, tempering the air as it passes from the chill of the night to the warmth of the day and back again.

Within the Valley unique micro-climates allow for a dizzying variety of fruits and vegetables to flourish. Down on the plains of the river field crops fill the countryside while up on the hilltops mile after mile of orchards produce succulent fruits that hang heavy from the trees. In the shade of the forests and dells mushrooms and ginseng sprout profusely in the leaf litter while many of our east facing slopes are covered with acres of viniferous grapes producing startlingly magnificent wines. A drive in any direction in the Valley brings you past acres of crops, miles of orchards and pastures all brimming with mouth watering produce and products.

The organic movement has taken a firm hold within the Valley as farm after farm convert to this new yet centuries old method of farming. Row after row of baby beets and tiny carrots and plump little lettuces are carefully nurtured to the peak of flavor, then quickly harvested. They are destined for local markets, very popular farm stands and the most discerning eaters in the world in New York City. Their ultimate destination is the palate bringing full rich flavors and succulent mouthfuls of delight to the table.

New York City primarily feasts from the bounty of the Hudson Valley. The best restaurants in the world all demand the flavorful produce and products of the Hudson Valley. Daily the farmers and producers of the Hudson Valley travel to the City bringing the freshest and most succulent produce and products. And, daily the farmers and producers of the Hudson Valley stock the tables and stands of the largest daily Fresh Farmer's Market down in Union Square. Every imaginable crop and specialty vegetable is sold straight from the farmers truck throughout the year. Tomatoes and greens of every description, melons, fruits and vegetables from asparagus to zucchini are abundantly piled high for the discerning residents of New York. The freshest possible produce for sale in the heart of New York City.

But, there is an even better way to get even fresher produce, and it's a lot more fun too! Scattered throughout the Hudson Valley are quaint little shops filled with the best of the surrounding country, brimming with spectacular gourmet cheeses, honey, baked goods and products sourced from the neighborhood. Down almost every country road farmers seasonally put out roadside farm stands with tables and baskets laden with absolutely fresh from the garden fruits and vegetables. The farm stands come and go quickly as the produce reaches perfection and then passes.

Scattered around the Valley are dozens of farms that invite you to come in and pick your own seasonal fruits and vegetables. They frequently farm special smaller plots filled with dozens of varieties that you simply cannot find anywhere else. From the latest gourmet specialty strains to especially flavorful heirloom varieties swaying in the gentle breezes, you are welcomed into the field to select just that special tomato or to pluck the most flavorful bean you can discover.

Don't want to wander in the field but still want the absolutely freshest possible produce? All you need do is travel a short distance from just about anywhere in the Valley and visit one of the dozens of Farm Fresh Street Markets that have been established throughout the Valley. The farmers harvest the night before and the morning of and bring their produce to you. Baskets of peaches and apples, piles of carrots and greens, aromatic onions and shy mushrooms, succulent ruby red and brilliant golden yellow tomatoes, heavily aromatic herbs and subtle fingerling potatoes, and baked goods and honey and flowers and wines and garden plants and nuts and cheeses and, well, you get the picture.

What more delectable mid-summer pleasure is there than selecting a perfectly garden ripened tomato, strolling through a farmer's market as you bite into it, the taught skin snapping and the tangy and succulent flesh flooding your tongue and chin with intense fresh flavor? Wander the stalls of fresh fruits and vegetables and lick your fingers clean of the sticky juices from all those fresh vine ripened berries you've just plucked from the bush.

Or in the fall, picking your own bag of juicy tangy apples and savoring one as your kids giggle with pleasure as they run the corn maze? Then they watch fresh donuts being made or have a hay ride while you relish samples of home-made chutneys and jams, delight in tasting cookies and breads.

How about in the winter, what better family outing is there than a brisk search through groves of perfectly shaped Christmas trees picking and cutting your own and having it wrapped and tied to your car? Followed up by a warm cup of hearty cider and a chewy brownie before a crackling wood stove?

All of this spectacular bounty of the Hudson Valley is easily available and even more easily enjoyed. Pick your weekend or weekday afternoon, check the many places organized for you below and have a great day.

A Quick Guide to U-Pick Farms

U-Pick Vegetables

U-Pick Strawberries

U-Pick Berries

U-Pick Apples & Pumpkins

U-Pick Pears, Plums & Peaches

U-Pick Cherries

A Quick Guide to Farmer's Markets

Upper Hudson Valley

  • Armory Center Farmers Market
    64 Colvin Ave. at Armory Center, Albany Sunday 10 AM-3 PM
    Mid June - End October Rocco Ricchiuti
    (518) 482-0249x462
  • Capital District Regional Market
    E side Broadway (Rt. 32) and Rt. 378, Menands Sat. 6 AM-9 AM, MWF 5:30AM-8 AM
    May-October Anthony Goodyer
    (518) 465-1023
  • Chatham Farmers Market
    Chatham Village Green Friday 2 PM-6 PM
    Mid May - Mid October Chris Cashen
    (518) 851-2331
  • Downtown Albany Farmers Market
    SUNY Plaza, State St. & Broadway, Albany Thursday 11 AM-2 PM
    Late April - Late November Annette Van Auken
    (518) 732-2991
  • Delaware Area Neighborhood Farmers Market
    St. James Church, 391 Delaware Ave., Albany Tuesday 4 PM-7 PM
    Early June - End October Mary Connair
    (518) 463-7605
  • Empire State Plaza Farmers Market
    N. end of Empire State Plaza at Leg. Office Bldg. Wed. & Fri., 11 AM-2 PM
    Early May - End October Dave Bowman
    (518) 885-8888
  • Empire State Plaza Winter Farmers Market
    South Concourse Wednesday 11 AM- 2 PM
    Early November - End April Dave Bowman
    (518) 885-8888
  • First Congregational Church Farmers Market
    405 Quail St. at Maple Ave., Albany Saturday 8 AM-12 Noon
    Mid May - End October Loucien Muller
    (518) 273-4384
  • First United Methodist Church Farmers Market
    428 Kenwood Ave, Delmar Tuesday 3 PM-6 PM
    Early April - Late December Annette Van Auken
    (518) 732-2991
  • Holy Cross Church Farmers Market
    Rosemont & Western Aves, Albany Wednesday 2:30 PM-5 PM
    Mid July - Late October Annette Van Auken
    (518) 732-2991
  • Hoosick Falls Farmers Market
    Wood Memorial Park Wednesday 2:30 PM-6:30 PM
    Early June - Mid October Melodee James
    (518) 686-7388
  • Kinderhook Farmers Market
    Village Square and Green Saturday 8 AM-12:30 PM
    Early June - Mid October Jean Brower
    (518) 758-1232
  • Rensselaerville Farmers Market
    Main Street, Rensselaerville Saturday 10 AM-1 PM
    Late June - Mid October Steve Kenney
    (518) 797-5269
  • St. Ambrose Church Farmers Market
    347 Old Loudon Rd, Latham Saturday 9 AM-1 PM
    Mid July - Late October Annette Van Auken
    (518) 732-2991
  • State Campus Farmers Market
    State Office Campus, Bldg. 8A, Albany Thursday 10:30 AM-1:30 PM
    Early May - End October Dave Bowman
    (518) 885-8888
  • Troy Farmers Market
    Broadway bet. 3rd & 4th Sts. Wed. 10 AM-2 PM, Mid May-End Oct.
    Fri. 10 AM-2 PM, Mid June- End Oct. Charles Riggio
    (518) 692-7312
  • Troy Waterfront Farmers Market
    Troy Dock & Marina, River St. N of bridge Saturday 9 AM-1 PM
    Early May - Late November Jonathan Clement
    (518) 477-6602

Middle Hudson Valley

  • Arlington Farmers Market
    Vassar College Lawn, Raymond Ave. Thursday 3 PM-7 PM
    Early June - End October Bill Martin
    (845) 876-7756
  • Beacon Farmers Market
    Veterans Place Thursday 2 PM-6 PM
    Early July Early October Al Romanelli
    (845) 831-2163
  • Catskill Region Farmers Market
    Historic Catskill Point, foot of Main St., Catskill Saturday 9:30 AM-1:30 PM
    Mid June - End October Marilyn Wyman
    (518) 622-9820
  • City of Hudson Farmers Market I
    N. 6th St. & Columbia St. parking lot. Saturday 9 AM-1 PM
    Early June - End October Carmine Pierro
    (518) 828-7217
  • City of Hudson Farmers Market II
    North 1st St. bet. Warren & Columbia Sts. Wednesday 3 PM-7 PM
    August - September Carmine Pierro
    (518) 828-7217
  • City of Poughkeepsie Farmers Market
    Hudson Valley Foodworks, 320 Main St. Friday 8 AM-2 PM
    Early July -End October James Long
    (845) 471-9478
  • Fishkill Farmers Market
    Grand Union parking lot. Rt. 52 Thursday 3 PM-7 PM
    Early June - Late October Donna VanTine
    (845) 897-4430
  • Kingston/Old Town Stockade Farmers Market
    Wall St., Uptown Kingston Saturday 9 AM-2 PM
    Early June - End October Karen Fitzgerald
    (845) 331-3659
  • Millbrook Farmers Market
    Franklin Ave. and Front St. Saturday 9 AM- 1 PM
    Late May - End October
    (845) 677-3125
  • New Paltz Farmers Market
    257 Main Street Sunday 10 AM-3 PM
    Mid May - End October Bart and Doris Colucci
    (845) 255-6093
  • Newburgh Farmers Market
    Downing Park, Rt. 9W Tuesday & Friday 10 AM-6 PM
    Mid July - End October Ms. Chris Knasiak
    (845) 565-5559
  • Pleasant Valley Farmers Market
    Grand Union Plaza, Rt. 44 at Maggiacomo Lane Friday 3 PM-7 PM
    Mid-June - End October Henry Huneke, Jr.
    (845) 635-3918
  • Rhinebeck Farmers Market
    Municipal parking lot, Main St.. Sunday 10 AM-2 PM
    End May - End October Pam Herrick (518) 537-3821
    Bill Martin (845) 876-7756
  • Saugerties Farmers Market
    Market and Main Sts. Saturday 9 AM-2 PM
    Early July - End October Ricky Tamayo
    (845) 246-9371

Lower Hudson Valley

  • Brewster Farmers Market
    Municipal lot, jct. Rt. 22 & Rt. 6 Sunday 10 AM-2 PM year-round
    Wed. 9 AM-3 PM Late June-End Oct. Ms. K.C. Anderson
    (845) 279-5778
  • Cold Spring Farmers Market
    Former Butterfield Hospital lot, Rt. 9D Saturday 7:30 AM-2 PM
    Mid May - End October Mike Turton/Mary Saari
    (845) 528-3703/265-3611
  • Goshen Farmers Market
    Church Park Friday 11 AM-6 PM
    End June - End October Lynn Hoines
    (845) 294-7741
  • Green Seasons/New Rochelle Farmers Market
    Memorial Hwy. & Huguenot St. at Library Park, New Rochelle Friday 8 AM-3 PM
    Late June - Late November Sheila Beacher
    (914) 654-2186
  • Greenwood Lake Farmers Market
    Rt. 17A & Rt. 210 Friday 2 PM-7 PM
    Late June - End October Walter Kaminski
    (845) 477-2626
  • Hartsdale Farmers Market
    Hartsdale Train Station Plaza Saturday 9 AM-2 PM
    Mid July -Late November Elizabeth Curry
    (914) 993-1507
  • Hastings-on-Hudson Farmers Market
    Library parking lot off Maple Ave. Saturday 8:30 AM-2 PM
    Mid June - Mid November Miriam Haas
    (914) 923-4837
  • Haverstraw Farmers Market
    W. Broad & Maple Sts. near Village Hall Sunday 9 AM-1 PM
    Mid July - End October Mark Russo
    (845) 429-7085
  • Highland Falls/West Point Farmers Market
    Municipal lot, Main St. Sunday 9 AM-3 PM
    End June - End October Joanne Devereaux
    (845) 446-2459
  • Middletown Farmers Market
    Erie Municipal Lot, North & Depot Sts. Saturday 8 AM-1 PM
    End June - End October Stephania Caputo
    (845) 343-8075
  • Monroe Farmers Market
    Rt. 17M at Museum Village Wednesday 9 AM-3 PM
    Early July - End October Maire Ullrich
    (845) 344-1234
  • Mt. Kisco Farmers Market
    Kirby Plaza near Metro North station Saturday 9 AM-2 PM
    Mid May - End October Randy Woodard/Jackie Gueft
    (914) 241-2658/2774
  • Mt. Vernon Health Health Ctr. Farmers Market
    107 W. 4th St. at Ninth Ave. Wednesday 8:30 AM-2:30 PM
    Mid July - End October Miriam Haas
    (914) 923-4837
  • Nyack Farmers Market
    Municipal lot, Main St. and Cedar St. Thursday 8:30 AM-2:30 PM
    Mid May - Late November Lorie Reynolds
    (845) 353-2221
  • Ossining Farmers Market
    Spring and Main Sts. Saturday 8:30 AM-2 PM
    Mid June - Late December Miriam Haas
    (914) 923-4837
  • Peekskill Farmers Market
    Bank St. between Main & Park Sts. Saturday 8 AM-2 PM
    Mid June - End October Marilyn Ettinger
    (914) 737-2780
  • Pine Bush Farmers Market
    Municipal lot, Main & New Streets Saturday 9 AM-2 PM
    Early June - End October Violet Stone
    (845) 744-8448
  • Pleasantville Farmers Market
    Manville Rd. & Wheeler Ave. Saturday 8:30 AM-1 PM
    Late June - End October Miriam Haas
    (914) 923-4837
  • St. John's Farmers Market
    Yonkers Church Courtyard, 1 Hudson St., Getty Sq., Yonkers Thursday 8 AM-4 PM
    Mid July - Mid November Florence Schmidt
    (914) 963-3033
  • Spring Valley Farmers Market
    Rt. 45 and N. Church St. Wednesday 8:30 AM-2:30 PM
    Mid July - End October Miriam Haas
    (914) 923-4837
  • Suffern Farmers Market
    RR parking lot A, Orange Ave. Saturday 9 AM-1 PM
    End June - End October Miriam Haas
    (914) 923-4837
  • Sugar Loaf Farmers Market
    1355 Kings Highway Friday 11 AM-6 PM
    Early June - End October Jill Gasero-Fone
    (845) 469-9382
  • Tarrytown Farmers Market
    Patriot's Park, Rt. 9 Saturday 8:30 AM-2 PM
    Early June - End October Miriam Haas
    (914) 923-4837
  • Walden Farmers Market
    Village Square, Scofield St. Thursday 9 AM-2 PM
    Mid July - End October Jim Politi
    (845) 778-2177
  • Warwick Valley Farmers Market
    South St. parking lot, off Main St., Warwick Sunday 9 AM-2 PM
    Mid May - End October Arthur Lockhard
    (845) 986-5625
  • White Plains Farmers Market
    Main St. & Mamaroneck Ave. Wednesday 8 AM-4 PM
    Mid June - Mid November Jean Kelly
    (914) 422-1390/1336
A Quick Guide to Hudson Valley Wineries
A Quick Guide to Great Specialty & Gourmet Food Sources
  • The Apple Bin, Ulster Park, Ulster County
    Farm fresh produce, locally produced relishes and baked goods
  • Armstrong's Elk Farm, Conrwallville, Greene County
    Elk herd, velvet antler products
  • Berle Farm, Hoosick, Rensselaer County
    Organic goat milk, cheese, vegetables and beef
  • Black Walnut Organic Farm, Conrwallville, Greene County
    Wide variety of organic fruits & vegetables, picked or U-Pick
  • Blackberry Hill Farm, Hudson, Columbia County
    Llama, sheep & rabbit wool and woll products, free range eggs, garlic & herbs
  • Bread Alone, Rhinebeck, Dutchess County
    Organic whole grain bread baked on a hearth
  • Bread Alone, Boiceville & Woodstick, Ulster County
    Organic whole grain bread baked on a hearth
  • Burdick's Sugarhouse, Stephentown, Rensselaer County
    Maple syrup.
  • Butterfly Hill Herbary, PineBush, Orange County
    Fresh and dried herbs, jams, natural herb remedies, potpourri& teas
  • Catskill Mountain Beekeepers Club, Hunter, Greene County
  • Catskill Mountain Farms, Saugerties, Ulster County
    Bath soaps, edible flowers, potpourri
  • Cedar Ledge Farms, Greenville, Greene County
    Maple syrup
  • Cedaridge Farm, Catskill, Greene County
    Lamb, wool and mohair
  • Clinton Hollow Herbs, Clinton Corners, Dutchess County
    Culinary herbs and plants
  • Cody Creek Community Farm, Saugerties, Ulster County
    Certified organic, strawberries, raspberries, herbs, cut flowers & perennials
  • Columbia Hill Farm, Averill Park, Rensselaer County
    Maple syrup & maple cream
  • Conklin Hill Organic Gardens, Pleasant Valley, Dutchess County
    Organically grown fresh fruits and vegetables. Also jams, herbs and baked goods
  • Deer Hollow Farm, Berlin, Rensselaer County
    Farm raised fallow deer venison, individually cryovac packed, USDA inspected
  • Depoala Mushrooms, Glasco, Ulster County
    Fresh mushrooms direct from the grower
  • Double Decker Farm, Claverack, Columbia County
    Organic herbs and produce
  • Dusty Miller Farm, Johnsonville, Rensselaer County
    Maple products, organically grown catnip
  • EB's Golden Harvest, Yorktown, Westchester County
    Honey, maple syrup, local produce
  • Elderberry Mary's, Berne, Albany County
    Homemade jams & jellies including garlic, horseradish and 40 more
  • ES Brookside Farm & Greenhouses, East Schodack, Rensselaer Cunty
    Nubian goats and goat meat, fresh vegetables, greenhouse tomatoes
  • Feather Ridge Poultry, Elizavile, Columbia County
    Farm fresh eggs and poultry
  • Fellowship Community, Chestnut Ridge, Rockland County
    Biodynamic organic fruits & vegetables
  • Flegel Farm, Hannacroix, Greene County
    Beef & beef products
  • Fox Hill Farm, Sugar Loaf, Orange County
    Yellow flesh gourmet potatoes including fingerlings and bintje, certified organic
  • Gem Farms Buffalo, Castleton-on-Hudson, Rensselaer County
    Buffalo meat, herbs, plants and seasonal produce
  • Gooseberry Honey & Herb Farm, Troy, Rensselaer County
    Extensive selection of potter herbs, honey products
  • Green Horizons Organic Farm, Pawling, Dutchess County
    Organic produce & unusual vegetables varieties, herbs and heirloom seedlings
  • Greenman's Salad Garden, Grafton, Rensselaer County
    Organically grown mesclun, specialty greens, edible flowers and heirloom vegetables
  • Grey Mouse Farm, Saugerties, Ulster County
    Homemade gourmet jams, mustards, pickles & garlic products made from locally grown fruits & veggies
  • Hackett Holsteins, Clinton Corners, Dutchess County
    Indian corn, gourds, popcorn and compost
  • Halfway Acres, Campbell Hall, Orange County
    Lamb & goat meat. Naturally fed turkeys, no chemicals used
  • Hardeman Orchards, Red Hook, Dutchess County
    Farm Fresh fruits & vegetables, sauces, cheeses, sausage and free-range eggs
  • Harrier Fields Farm, Schodack Landing, Columbia County
    Organic pork & grass-fed beef
  • Hawthorne Valley Farm, Harlemville, Columbia County
    Organic dairy and vegetables
  • Heinchon's Old Farmhouse & Ice Cream Parlor, Pawling, Dutchess County
    Fresh milk & milk products and farm made ice cream
  • Hemlock Hill Farm, Cortlandt Manor, Westchester County
    Free range chickens, ducks, geese, turkeys, pheasants, rabbits and guinea fowl. Up vegetables and pumpkins
  • Highland Farm, Red Hook, Dutchess County
    All natural farm-raised venison; fresh, frozen or smoked. Buffalo, quail & rabbit as well
  • Hillary's Garden, Warwick, Orange County
    Varieties of organically grown herbs and flowers
  • Hillside Organic Farm, Brunswick, Rensselaer County
    Organic garlic, culinary & armoatic
  • John & Donna Hitsman, LaGrangeville, Dutchess County
    Farm fresh eggs, popcorn, Timothy, alfalfa & hays
  • Hoffman's Sugarhouse, Stepentown, Rensselaer County
    Maple syrup, maple butter, maple cream, maple sugar.
  • Homestead Farms, Red Hook, Dutchess County
    Garlic, lavender & lamb
  • Homestead Farms, Cropseyville, Rensselaer County
    Organic vegetables, flowers, raspberies, pastured chicken, turkeys and beef.
  • Hudson Valley Honey, Montrose, Rockland County
    Local Raw Grade A Honey. All natural non processed or pasteurized honey taken straight from the hive.
  • Kaatskill Cider Mill, Catskill, Greene County
    Apples, fresh cider, jams, honey and maple syrup
  • Kazialain Farm, Westtown, Orange County
    Grass fed beef, eggs from free range chickens, organic herbs & vegetables
  • Kent's Sugarhouse, Berlin, Rensselaer County
    Maple syrup, maple sugar & maple cream
  • Knoll Krest Farm, Clinton Corners, Dutchess County
    Natural raised poultry and eggs
  • Krisco Farms, Campbell Hall, Orange County
    Farm fresh milk, non-homogenized while milk, skim milk and heavy cream. Also puddings, bread and eggs.
  • Laterre Garlic, Clinton Corners
    Eight varieties of organic harneck garlic
  • Lenny's Smoked Fish & Honey, Bearsville, Ulster County
    "Wood-fired only" hot smoked trout, honey and bee products, ginseng and more.
  • Little Rainbow Chevre, Hillsdale, Columbia County
    NY's finest goat milk products since 1981
  • Maple Glen Farm, East Jewett, Greene County
    Maple syrup, maple cream and maple candy
  • McAuliffe's Mountain View Farm, East Berne, Albany County
    Organically grown beef, pork, pasture raised chicken & turkeys. Organic vegetables and fruit in season.
  • Meadowbrook Farms, Clarksville, Albany County
    Our own bottled milk, cream and buttermilk, eggs and cottage cheese
  • Meadowland Farms, Clinton Corners, Dutchess County
    Farm raised beef
  • Migliorelli Farm, Tivoli, Dutchess County
    Farm fresh specialty greens
  • Miller Farms, Troy, Rensselaer County
    Natrual raised beef, individual cuts or larger quantities, steroid & anti-biotic free
  • Mountain Dew Maple Products, Kerhonkson, Ulster County
    Delicious pure maple syrup
  • Niese's Maple Farm, Putnam Valley, Putnam County
    Maple syrup, maple candies and other maple products.
  • Raymond Myruski, Goshen, Orange County
    Onions fresh from harvest and all year
  • Northwind Farm, Tivoli, Dutchess County
    Turkey, chicken and other poultry, fresh, live or frozen
  • Oak Leaf Hill Farm, Dover Plains, Dutchess County
    Piglets & finished hogs cut, wrapped and frozen to your specifications
  • Old Chatham Shephearding Company, Old Chatham, Columbia County
    Fresh sheep & goat's milk cheeses and specialty cheeses
  • Partridge Sugar House, Acra, Greene County
    Maple products, demonstrations and tours of sap house
  • Quattro's Game Farm, Pleasant Valley, Dutchess County
    Farm raised venison and specialty poultry
  • Red Barn Farm, Canaan, Columbia County
    Fresh produce and lamb, fresh or fresh-frozen
  • Rexcroft Farms, Athens, Greene County
    Hydroponic vegetables
  • Ridgway Farms, Climax, Greene County
    Naturally raised lamb, no drugs, hormones or preservatives. Eggs
  • Riverview Farms, Athens, Greene County
    Garlic, garlic braids, seed garlic
  • Rocking R Farm, Coeymans Hollow, Albany County
    Organically grown berries in season
  • Rolling Acres, Altamont, Albany County
    Lamb & sheep products, also poultry, ducks, chicken and geese.
  • Ronnybrook Farm Dairy, Ancramdale, Columbia County
    Bottled creamline, skim & other milks and ice creams
  • Rowe's Apiaries, Kingston, Ulster County
    Clover & wildflower honey, honeycomb and pure bees wax
  • Sauer Farm, Mt. Marion, Ulster Cuonty
    Homegrown fruits & vegetables, milk & organic egs
  • Sheeley's Farmstand, Accord, Ulster County
    Organic produce picked daily
  • Sunfrost Farms, Woodstock, Ulster County
    Organic fruits & vegetables
  • Carl Swenson, Shokan, Ulster County
    Pure NYS maple syrup from our own trees
  • Swenson's Organic Produce, Accord, Ulster County
    Certified NYS Natural Food Associates
  • Swissette Herb Farm, Salisbury Mills, Orange County
    Organically grown herbs
  • Thompson-Finch Farm, Ancram, Columbia County
    NIOFA-NY certified organic strawberries, raspberries and apples, U-Pick
  • Thunder Hill Farm, Stanfordville, Dutchess County
    Pasture raised poultry, ducks & geese
  • Traphagen's Honey, Hunter, Greene County
    Gourmet honey spreads and homemade jams and jellys
  • Tschinkel Farm, Freehold, Greene County
    Sheep, lambs, goats, eggs
  • Tweefontein Herb Farm, New Paltz, Ulster County
    Organically grown herbs of all types; culinary, aromatic & medicinal
  • Underhill Farm, Poughkeepsie, Dutchess County
    Honey & Apiatherapy information
  • Uphill Farm, Clinton Corners, Dutchess Counth
    Natural beef
  • Valley Farmers Cooperative, Stanfordville, Dutchess County
    Farmers co-op raising natural beef, lamb, pork & veal, shipped UPS, restaurant quality.
  • Widmark Honey Farms, Gardiner, Ulster County
    Organic and specialty honeys
  • Wild Thymes Farm, Medusa, Albany County
    Handmade gourmet chutneys, fruit spreads, sauces, vinaigrettes, mustards, balsamic vinegers and pasta toppings. Sales via web site
  • Willow Brook Gardens, Clinton Corners, Dutchess County
    Organic herbs, berries & flowers
  • Woodview Sugarbush, Knox, Albany County
    Maple and honey products, wild ginseng
CSA Farms
Ever considered a CSA, (Community Supported Agriculture)? Well maybe you should! It's a great way to get the freshest produce, have fun in the country and support local agriculture at the same time!
A Quick Guide to Christmas Tree Farms
Natural or Organic
Fall Corn Mazes, Hayrides & Petting Barn Zoos
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