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Village of New Paltz

Located in the heart of the Hudson Valley, New Paltz is a very singular combination of natural beauty, geography, business, institutions, history and people come together to forge an identity and an experience of distinction.

New Paltz can be said to be a college town, but we're so much more besides. While growing into the modern age led by SUNY New Paltz, we've kept our feet firmly planted in our natural surroundings and continually nurtured our cultural and historic roots. We value our small town and actively support our arts, culture, historic sites and the very special landscape we call home.

Despite the tribulations of overcrowded weekends, snarled traffic and the continual parade of strangers, New Paltz welcomes you as a visitor. We want to share what we have discovered and help you enjoy your visit; for an hour, a weekend or more.

But be prepared to linger, to walk our streets and visit our shops, enjoy a leisurely break at one of our bistros or cafes, stroll our centuries old historic district, ramble through our landscape, climb our world class rock faces and stay at a local B&B. Once bitten, you'll never be able to forget your visit. You'll come back again and again...

A vibrant business community, New Paltz is based on two very distinct industries; the college and the landscape. Every year over 7,000 students flock into New Paltz and fill the halls of SUNY New Paltz. SUNY offers both undergraduate and graduate courses in an array of disciplines as well as hosting an ongoing series of gallery shows, performances, festivals and lectures of interest to both the broadly based population as well as the specialized investigator.

Throughout New Paltz you will find just those types of businesses you would expect catering to the college crowd. There are bistros, contemporary boutiques, New Age bookstores, classic pubs and specialty shops galore. Got a hankering for the best pizza in the Valley? You'll find it in New Paltz. On a quest for a special crystal to center your psyche? It's waiting for you to discover right on Main Street. In search of the latest in fashion statements? There are shops eager to help you to find your new style.

New Paltz started as an agricultural settlement in 1678 and has never wandered far from its roots. On all sides New Paltz is surrounded by lush farmlands, cultivated for centuries producing an abundant harvest of produce and products. Farm stands and U-Pick farms can be found and each invites you to come and enjoy a day in the sunshine tasting and sampling their crops. Just south of New Paltz in Gardiner is a honey farm with an open invitation for you. And New Paltz lies in the heart of the wine country of the Mid-Hudson Valley boasting several of the most important wineries and vineyards in the region. All are open to the public offering tours and tastings of their special products.

New Paltz wants you to come and browse our stores and shops. You are welcome to wander around and poke into the corners, ask questions, get advice and learn about things. Stop and talk to the owners, they want to share with you the secrets they have learned.

The other side of the business community are the many shops, stores and services focused on the splendid geography and natural surroundings of New Paltz. Bordered on our western flank by over 25,000 acres of forever wild preserves, New Paltz is a world focus of rock climbing, hiking, biking and environmental preservation.

The northern reaches of the Shawangunk Ridge are protected by a collection of four systems; Mohonk Mountain House Resort, Mohonk Preserve, Minnewaska State Park Preserve and Ice Caves Mountain Preserve administered by the Nature Conservancy. Each of these areas has a mission to preserve the landscape and enhancement of the enjoyment by the public. Each has different use policies and entrance fees, so it can become a little confusing.

But all you have to do is inquire of any of the numerous shops and services in New Paltz, they'll be happy to inform you on the lay of the land. No matter your outdoors interests, from hunting to rambling, from hang gliding to cliff climbing, from a restful stroll in the meadows to a vigorous day long hike or cross country ski, it is all available to you in New Paltz.

A main office of the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, (NYSDEC), is located just off the NYS Thruway exit on South Putt Corners Road. It's well marked and very easy to find, so if you're looking for information on hunting and fishing, make sure to contact them for all the information you need on regulations, license fees, seasons, limits and other relevant information. They are the central source for you.

Specifics on visiting the Village of New Paltz were correct at time of publication. We would suggest that you confirm dates and times prior to your visit.
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