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Village of Cold Spring

Cold Spring is one of those really special little villages just waiting for you to turn off the road and stop in for a visit. If your visit is a quick one or if you stay for a while, you won't be disappointed by what you will find and enjoy in Cold Spring.

As one of the major stops on the Metro-North trains, Cold Spring is also one of the few of these special places that is also extremely easy to get to. The tracks quite literally divide the little village into two distinct sections. As you descend onto the platform, you are a very short walk from just about everything and everywhere in Cold Spring. This convenience of arrival makes Cold Spring an ideal place for a quick weekend getaway from the hectic urban city. Sweet little B&Bs and exceptional Country Inns await you and invite you for a luxurious experience. Renowned restaurants and small cafes beckon you to sit and enjoy a leisurely meal or languish over a glass of wine and collection of tasty little treats.

Out on Main Street, the shops and stores of Cold Spring are famous for their contents. Long a primary location for antiques in the Northeast, the shops of Cold Spring have broadened their offerings to include imported goods, artisan crafts and gifts of every description and source. Many great antique stores and consignment shops still abound providing endless hours of browsing and shopping fun. Pick up a birthday card for your mother, a birdhouse for your Uncle Ted and a 19th century armoire for your apartment all within steps of each other.

Should you weary of shopping, just up the hill and down the street is the Foundry School Museum, an absolutely charming museum as well as fascinating collection of artifacts of the history of the area and the local 18th century foundry industry of Cold Spring. The foundries at Cold Spring crafted the "Great Chains" strung across the mighty Hudson River by General Washington during the American Revolution to prevent British War Ships from ascending the river and dividing the colonies. The museum is small, extremely well designed and presented and easily appreciated, in our opinion one of the best small museums in the entire Hudson Valley.

In the late afternoon, make sure to wander down Main Street to the river front and sit yourself down for a relaxing sunset. Cold Spring is one of the very few rare places in the Valley where you can actually go down to the river and take it's majesty in. As Cold Spring is located deep in the heart of the Hudson Highlands, the scenic view from the river front is marvelous. If you're lucky, you'll be there during one of the many concerts held in the bandstand on the river front Cold Spring has preserved its river front and created an inviting park filled with benches and railings where you can sit in the cool breezes coming off the river and enjoy the mountains with the river carving its path between. To your left behind the ridge across the Hudson is West Point, to your right the mountains of the North Gate of the Hudson Highlands dominate the river with Newburgh and Beacon just beyond.

Cold Spring is a special place, totally unique in the Hudson Valley. It's not only exceptionally easy to get to, it's not only exceptionally inviting and welcoming to guests and visitors, it's also one of the few remaining riverside hamlets that has escaped commercial development and been able to maintain and enrich its unique and distinctive flavor. Drop in for a couple of hours or for an weekend, you'll be very glad you did.

Specifics on visiting the Village of Cold Spring were correct at time of publication. We would suggest that you confirm dates and times prior to your visit.
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