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Storm King Art Center

Arguably the most important site for Modern Sculpture in the world, Storm King Art Center sits quietly and serenely down a small two lane country road almost hidden from public view. As you whiz up the Thruway, you might notice a few odd looking metal assemblages over in a field, or if you are carefully looking you might see a row of columns perched on the top of a hill. But you'll probably just wonder what they are and forget about them a couple of miles down the road.

Well, don't just wonder, get off the Thruway and go find out! You'll be pleased you did!

Make sure to take the time to visit Storm King Art Center for one of the most enthralling experiences in art. Storm King consists of 500 acres of manicured lawns, groves of trees and carefully developed vistas. Within this manicured landscape stand monumental sculptures, large pieces that can only be appreciated in a large setting. Some created just for Storm King, all created by Modern Masters, these sculptures form a unique collection in the world. Storm King celebrates the relationship between sculpture and nature. The exhibition space is defined by the landscape and limited only by the sky. Unencumbered by walls, the flow of space is punctuated by sculpture with the pieces affected by the changing light and weather, your experience of them changes as the day changes. Brilliant yellow metal sobers in the late afternoon sunlight to a rich golden color. Massive marble creations transform as the play of shadows dance across their undulating surfaces. As you stand atop a hill and gaze into the distance through rows of carefully planted trees, large structures spring up from the fields demanding your attention but softened into the landscape.

Because of this interplay between the landscape, the sky and the sculpture, no two visits to Storm King are ever the same. On a brilliant clear day you can stand in one spot and admire dozens of master works. On a cloudy and foggy day, you wander through the mists being surprised as giant works disolve out of the vapor. Sunny days highlight the colors and interplay of shadows. Cloudy or rainy days highlight the forms and masses and relationships between works and the rolling hills. Each visit is a unique experience and each visit is a pleasurable journey into the mind of the artist.

For a single admission price, (not the cheapest place in the Valley to visit), you can wander the grounds as much as you like. You can spend hours on the trails, pathways and roads experiencing the works from every angle. As you wander the grounds, one piece is put into the background of another, then brought forward with other works setting the context in the distance. The relationships between pieces and spatial connections combine with the sky the weather and the landscape to provide an ever kelidascope of visual experiences.

Plan on spending several hours at a minimum on your visit to Storm King Art Center. If you are unfamiliar with modern sculpture, take one of the docent guided tours showing the highlights of the collection. It's a pleasurable entry into the subject in the best location for the subject. Or armed with an excellent map and brochure, strike out on your own into the world of Alexander Calder, Henry Moore, Lousie Nevelson and dozens of other Modern Masters.

Although not the only way to get to Storm King Art Center, unless you are armed with an excellent map, make sure you are on Route 32 heading north out of Harriman or south out of Newburgh/Vails Gate. If you are coming north from Harriman, you will go past the old 4 Star factory and drive along the Moodna Creek and over an old iron bridge. Just past the bridge you make a left onto Orrs Mills Road. From the north, you will come out of Vails Gate heading south and go down a long hill with the road being three lanes, your way only one lane. At the bottom of this hill you will make a right onto Orrs Mils Road. Once on Orrs Mills Road, just follow the blue and white signs to Storm King Art Center.

Visiting Storm King Art Center

April thru September - Wednesday to Sunday 11:00 am – 5:30 pm. Also open during first half of November. Open until 8pm most Saturdays during season.

Adults $`10, Senior Citizens (65 and older) $9, College Students (with valid id) $9, Students (K-12) $7, Children under 5 FREE.

Specifics on visiting the Storm King Art Center were correct at time of publication. We would suggest that you confirm dates and times prior to your visit.
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