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City of Hudson

We invite you to investigate all that Hudson has to offer. Founded as a whaling port in the 19th century, Hudson suffered the same late 19th & early 20th century post Industrial Revolution economic depression as the rest of the Hudson Valley. Only, Hudson never recovered. Never, until that is, when late in the 20th century a few pioneers ventured north from New York City and rented store fronts to establish their antiques businesses.

They selected Hudson because of its location, its buildings and its friendly and congenial people. Because of the hard economy, the majority of Hudson's Federal style main street remains intact and Hudson being located between the major northeast population centers, close to major highways, is a perfect location. The fine collections that are found in the antique shops of Hudson reflect the glorious beauty of the Greek Revival and Federal townhouses that line the city's streets.

A Mecca for shoppers, Hudson is a unique center with a wide variety of shops and merchandise.

Each shop is a sparkling gem in which you might find Regency, Empire, Mission, Beidemeir, Tibetan or Chinese pieces of the finest quality. There are beautiful fine and folk paintings and prints galore. There's work by American, English, French, Swedish, and Russian furniture designers. There are textiles, ceramics and porcelain, books, postcards, 14th century metalware, architectural and decorative accessories. There are garden ornaments and old kimonos. All of it antique, all of it in exquisite condition. Hudson is the most concentrated center for fine antiques in the Hudson River Valley. And it's only two hours from Manhattan, three from Boston.

The dealers are exceptionally knowledgeable. From varied backgrounds, they've plied their trade for years, some of them in distant corners of the globe. They are experts in their fields with business connections that allow them to find the best and most beautiful items to bring to Hudson.

And be Sure to Visit

  • Olana State Historic Site - Country home of the world renowned Hudson River School artist Frederic Church. Take our Virtual Tour and feel like you are standing high above the Mighty Hudson River.
  • Clermont State Historic Site - Manor House of the influential Livingston family, prominent in the early development of the Hudson Valley, and patriots in the American Revolution.

A Very Brief History of Hudson

Whaling families from Nantucket became convinced, after the American Revolution, that the British would attempt to retake its former American Colonies. As Nantucket is located about 50 miles from the mainland, they felt particularly at risk.

So, in 1783 the families empowered the Jenkins brothers, Thomas & Seth, to find a safer place to live and work. After considering several locations they decided on a 100 acre tract of land 100 miles up the Hudson known as Claverack Landing. In 1784 thirty families, many of them Quakers, moved to Claverack Landing from Nantucket, Martha's Vineyard, Newport and Providence.

Originally called Proprietors, these families had, by late 1784, laid out the City of Hudson on a grid pattern. By 1786 there were over 1,500 individuals in Hudson and a fleet of over 25 ships plying the oceans to support Hudson's Sperm-Oil industry.

Hudson prospered for a century until the end of the 19th century when the economy declined and the City and its buildings descended into a quiet slumber.

Specifics on visiting the Empire State Plaza were correct at time of publication. We would suggest that you confirm dates and times prior to your visit.
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