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the Lower Hudson Valley

As Hendrick Hudson first sailed up the mighty North River, (later renamed the Hudson), he first encountered the imposing body of water now known as the Tappan Zee. On its western flanks tower the majestic Palisades of New Jersey and Rockland County, on the east the flat plains, quiet glens, soft rolling hills covered in dense forests and fertile fields of what is now Westchester County. At the head of the Tappan Zee, the river is throttled by the Appalachians into a narrow gorge whose entrance is called the South Gate.

The Dutch easily settled into the area early in the 17th Century, converting forests and hillsides into prosperous farms and homesteads. Yet the mystery and majesty of the Tappan Zee remained. Lying so near the burgeoning economic heart of America, New Amsterdam later renamed New York City, the area prospered as wealth was pulled from the land and marketed just down river.

The quiet glens and stream banks are the setting for the legends of Washington Irving, the industry of Phillipse Manor and the commercial enterprises of mining in what is now Rockland County. Hamlets, villages and towns sprung up and prospered. Estates were erected and commerce settled in.

The area is now considered to be the headquarters of corporate America with more international corporations having their businesses centered out of Westchester than anywhere else in the world. The sleepy villages and quiet hollows are now burgeoning with quaint shops, world class dining, charming walkable streets and recreation of every sort.

Across the river to the west, the nature of the villages and towns have kept their more working class feeling. Nestled amongst the mountains and cliffs of the Palisades, these charming towns remain friendly, inviting and interesting to visit. Great tracts are forever preserved in state parklands, providing unparalleled opportunities to easily get out into the natural beauty of the countryside.

The Lower Hudson Valley invites you into itself, to wander its streets, visit its historic sites and enjoy its many attractions. All of this, just minutes north of New York City and accessible by Metro-North, bus or car. Come on up and discover the mystery and majesty of the Lower Hudson Valley.

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